Beauty From the Earth


I took the plunge a couple weeks back and ordered my first thing from Beauty From the Earth.  I had been a member of their facebook page for quite a long time, but never allowed myself to actually order.  They had this special going for bloggers, so I finally am like what the heck lets do this.  So I ordered a jewel tone set of eyeshadow.  I hadn’t a clue of what would be in the package.

I hadn’t forgotten to include my blog link in the order, so I rushed to say oppps and Crystal was like that is fine, just email me your blog link, so I did that.  Wahooo.  I have to say that I love Crystal, she makes you feel like she knows you and its such wonderful one on one customer service, its just lovely!  My package shipped out the next morning & had my sweet little eyeshadows in my hands in a short couple days.

I received: Isis, Glimpse, & Silver.  I was a little floored, I wasn’t sure what to do with these colors, so not my normal line of colors.  Luckily I hadn’t put on any makeup yet when the mailman got there, so I went up to play a bit and see what I could come up with.

Beauty From the Earth
My first attempt at the color combos
The Glimpse is the main lid, Silver is the  upper lid
and the Isis was in my crease.  

I wasn’t super pleased with the color combo, but I wasn’t displeased either.  It looked better in person then I could get with the photograph at least.  And it pretty much looked like what I would normally do.

Now today I went up and played again.  I had a case of the blahs, so gave myself a facial and then played with some makeup.  My blah’s are now pretty much gone.  So yay!

Today I got a bit more bold and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  The boldness of the Isis didn’t come out in the picture as well as it does in person (but I did at least get better close up shots this time then last).

Beauty From the Earth 2Beauty From the Earth 3

Beauty From the Earth 4
This time I used the Isis as the main lid, still Silver for the top of my lid
and used a slight bit of Glimpse in my crease.  You can’t really
pick up the Glimpse, but its there.

 I love this stuff.  Its a loose powder that is so much fun to play around with and you can achieve such wonderful amazing beautiful results.  I have a feeling I am going to be becoming a Beauty From the Earth junkie.  lol  As if I wasn’t already a makeup junkie already.  😉