Earning/Product Testing Sites I do

I’m forever asked for the sites I do online to earn me money and/or product testing.  I decided that I’d sit down on my both of my blog/journal sites and list those that I did and trusted.  Those that don’t have just plain referral links & I need your email for I’ll leave at the end so you can just leave me your email addy on my blog and I can send you the referral for it.  Will update as I think of ones and as I add things into my routine.

    1. Swagbucks – This is a very easy site to do, as long remember to do it daily or semi-daily.  You use it as your regular search engine and you’ll randomly be awarded with points with your search.  Also download the toolbar and you’ll get one point a day just for that.  Do the daily poll and earn a point.  Click through NOSO daily (skip, skip, skip) and at the end you’ll be in a code word and earn 2 points daily.  You also have Mobile swagbucks TV (if you have a mobile device that can run it), where you can earn 50 points a day.  There is also regular swagbucks TV earn 3 points each time you fill up your bar from watching.  There are many ways to earn on here, but those are the basics of what I do most days. If you have anymore questions on that, just ask 🙂


    • Influenster – I just started this site less then a year ago, but I already love it.  You fill out your profile, pick badges to earn that fit you and wait to see if you qualify for their VoxBoxes.  You test the products, then review them(weather that is on your blog or a video review).  There is sometimes special opportunities that you can automatically qualify for the upcoming VoxBoxes.  Be patient, sometimes it takes a bit for a box to fit you, but you do get them.  Soon they are even going to have special boxes just for those in Canada, so join and have fun with it.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook & Twitter!  Edit:  You now need an invite to join this site, which I still have 3 left, so speak up if you’d like to join.  Would be happy to email you an invite.



    • Crowdtap – I so enjoy this site.  You join in on discussions, do quick hits so that you can get things that fit who you are and how you think.  Make sure to put in some thought into what you say on discussions. Then get the chance for sample & shares and home parties.  I have done an Old Navy Sample & Share & an ABBA Dance Party.  Both were so fun and can beat getting them for free to test!



    • BzzAgent – I have been a member of this site forever.  I don’t seem to get any real interesting campaigns lately, but they promise there are more coming.  I have gotten a Sonic toothbrush and many other things through them.  Then all I have to do in turn is tell others about the product, weather I liked it or not.  Then fill out a report to tell them about it.  Easy.



    • MyPoints – BzzAgent and MyPoints are now kinda tied together now.  So make sure if you want to sign up for BzzAgent that you leave me your email addy/name so I can send you a referral link for MyPoints.  MyPoints have been around for years, and I have been a member for a long time.  Earn points when you do things in BzzAgent and also earn points when you click on emails.  Shopping through them also earns you points.  Again there is quite a few different ways to earn points here, you just have to look.  And most importantly make sure to click on those emails!



    • Expo Tv – I haven’t been a member of this site for long, but I have already gotten two products to try out from them and then do a video for my review of the product.  For me to be able to do this was a breakthrough.  Now its not as hard as it was for my first video.  You can also do a video review on just things around your house and earn points.  It seems really easy and great! – this site is no more, at least in this form


    Now for survey sites – I am just going to list those and if they have a link on their name means that you can sign up through me through that.  If there is no link on the name please leave me again your email addy so I can send you my referral email.  Now for survey sites make sure you fill out all your profile information so that you can start getting surveys fitted to you.  Have patience on survey sites, it takes time to get going on them and sometimes you don’t qualify.  The ones I will be listing though are awesome and I get paid.  There is also sometimes product testing with them too.
    Remember if I didn’t link to the site, I need your email address so I can send you an invite and get something for referring you.  Thanks 🙂