Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
My little kit I received

As being a part of SheSpeaks, we had a campaign for these yummy Ghirardelli squares.  The flavor was Milk  Chocolate with Truffle filling.  Now my husband I had bought Ghirardelli squares many times before.  I myself am a fan of caramel varieties & my husbands loves the dark chocolates.  These though were so yummy.  They melted in your mouth and were just a true joy to nimble on.

My husband in fact kept asking me each night when he got home from work if I had taken my pictures yet for the Ghirardelli squares since he knew I wanted them for my blog post.  He thinks I took far too long to take the pictures.  I do believe they would have been gone the day we got them had I not taken so long to take my different shots of them.  lol

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares 3Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares 2We just split the very last square we received from SheSpeaks too, since I wanted the package to make sure I spelled it all right and all my information to a tee.  My husband goes you want the last one?  I said well I need the package at least.  Then he asks again, you want the last one?  lol  So I said split it.  lol  So in fact we split the very last yummy morsel.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares 4
See that little bits of truffle in the middle of the chocolate? Yum!

I have a $1 off coupon too (you must buy 2 bags 4.5oz or larger), if any of you would like?  First person that speaks for it on my blog comments gets it!  Coupon expires at the end of March.

I was given this bag of chocolates & two coupons from SheSpeaks.  The opinions are all my own and honest.