Quick Pages Made with My Memories Suite 3

I decided another way I could showcase what My Memories Suite 3 does is use a few of the Quick Pages that are in the free kits section of the My Memories site.  All I did basically with these is make photo boxes in the holes that were there and sent them to the background so then I could add in the pictures and they just flop in.

My Memories Suite Fun Layouts

My Memories Suite Fun Layouts 2
These are the first two that I snapped together.  Left side of being our family day at of our local parks. Right side being a sunset from our house after a storm hit back in May.

Now the other one I did with a quick page kit, is put in the photo box & then added in the True Love lettering with some of the monogram letters I had.

My Memories Suite Fun Layouts 3
All these are very simply done with the My Memories Suite 3 software.  It’s not only easy, but super fun too!  There are countless things you can do with them, and you can do it in minutes or take however long you want with a page/album.
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