Healthy Tuesday – Equipment to Workout?

For this Healthy Tuesday, I am wondering do you all use any kind of equipment while working out?  If so, what do you use?  How long have you used it?

I, myself, never have been an equipment user so much.  I do have my eyes on a workout bike though, two different types sit happily on my amazon wish list.  I want to put in the downstairs guest room and get a Roku for down there so I can happily watch some shows while working out.  It’s my “thought” anyway.

Also, I just bought ankle/wrist weights that you strap around your ankle or wrist, they can be used either way which I liked.  Along with that order I have a yoga mat coming as well.  I plan to more “zen” like workouts in hopes it’ll help me worry less.  It’ll also come in handy when I do workouts that require me to lay on my back cause it hurts to do that on our floors (wood with a light rug on top).  I am excited to get it.

As for workouts though, I do mainly Xbox Kinect programs, I switch up between them all.  In time I plan to add in actual equipment, like the weights I just ordered.  And like I mentioned I’d love an exercise bike, so much.

Now for you, what do you use?  How do you workout?