All About Me Friday’s – – It’s my Birthday!

Okay, so it’s not my birthday just yet.  It’s Tuesday, but since it made more sense to do it before my birthday and not after, I decided to do it today.

This Friday’s post is going to be Birthday wishes for the day/year upcoming.  They can be far out there wishes, simple ones or whatever.  It’s just the things I’d like to happen/get on my day and/or in this upcoming next year of mine!  I think you can really get to know someone by the things they’d like to happen, etc.

I wish I may, I wish I might with all my heart…

  • A couple surprises on my actual birthday or even the days around it.  I love surprises, nothing more makes me giddy then a few on my birthday.  Even the smallest things count to me.  A card from an unlikely source, a flower delivery, a gesture of hey I am thinking of you and taking that extra little step. Like my best friend this past week sent me a pair of socks, and two different kindle books for my birthday.  I loved it. 
  • A Mazda 3 or 6.  I have had a love of Mazda’s for as long as I can remember now.  I used to love the Ford Escape, but the Mazda 3 or 6 has stole my heart.  I want one.  I’d love for it to happen at some point this year, I doubt it will, but its a wish so I am allowed!
  • To acquire a group of friends, ones that you just get together with.  You don’t even have to be doing anything special, just being and having a blast.  You can rely on them, and they’ll be there in a split second if you need them.
  • That I can get down to around 125lbs.  That I lose my big bubble butt & thin down my thighs.
  • That we can start doing upgrades in this house along with much needed/wanted painting.
  • Go to Vegas!
  • Have more game nights.
  • Anything and everything off my Amazon wish list – here.
  • New couch (we want a big reclining sectional) & dining room table (I want one of those counter height ones).
  • More getaways, to the coast, Bend, Seattle – you name it.
  • To get Jason’s blood pressure completely down.
  • I’d love some out of the house part time job that I was comfortable with and/or to grow my blog so I can make some steady money at home.
I am sure there are a million other little things that I’d love to happen for me & Jason too.  I think though that is a good handful!  
I was born September 24th at 8:13p.m. – I shall turn 34 this year and I am proud of it!