Thankful Thursday with link-up

Third week of my Thankful Thursday, and I know that these are just going to get harder and harder, but I am up for the challenge!  Remember to post your own Thankful Thursday post and link up below in the form.

  1. I am super thankful and grateful everyday for my best friend Teresa.  We met several years back through her ex husband (and yes it was her ex husband at that time too) on livejournal.  We met and clicked and have been best friends since.  She has become my sister, and I love her dearly!  Even though she is 7 hours away from me, I know that if I needed her she’d be there for me in an instant. Her family is mine and vice versa.   I wish she was closer, but its the way life goes sometimes.  We have been able to get together more this last year then before and that makes me happy!
  2. This is going to sound silly, but I am thankful for my friend Shane.  He is actually our bartender at our local bar that we go to for happy hours. He makes me drinks, and I don’t always know what they are exactly (which makes me giddy), but I know I’ll like it. On facebook I can usually count on him to comment on the interactive status updates I do.  We have yet to do anything other then the bar & facebook, but I feel like we are true friends (even if I am still quiet around him, he accepts me as me).
  3. I am thankful we have a dishwasher.  When we moved into this house there wasn’t one, but Jason pulled out the cabins on one side of the sink and put one in.  It isn’t the most pretty to look at since it has a bar of wood across it to hold it in until we can get new counters in.  It works and makes cleaning up the kitchen much easier and enjoyable.
  4. I am thankful that I got invited for Chick’s Weekends.  I was so scared that first year, but yet I said yes and I did it.  Last year was easier with my friend Debbie going with me, but I am grateful I have that outlet and something to look forward to most years.  I have become more and more comfortable with the girls there and look forward to many more years with them.
  5. I am thankful for where we live that it has all four seasons.  I love all the seasons and look forward to each.  Some I might not wish lasted so long compared to others, but still I love each change of season and the crispness of fall makes me happy and content ready to nest in.
What are you thankful for this week?
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