All About Me Friday – Why yes you are annoying me!

*snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this meme*

 Stop doing that, you are annoying me, and I bet you are annoying others.

This weeks prompt for the All About Me Friday’s is my biggest pet peeves.   I thought of several just the top of my head that bug me to no end.  This shall be a pretty easy post for me, and I bet I’ll forget something or several somethings.

Lie to me.  Lie to me, and you are dead to me.  I HATE liars, they are the scum of the earth in my book.  I catch you in the lie, and I am beyond crushed that you would stoop that low to lie.  Why?  What purpose did lying do you?  Be honest, honesty in my book is golden.  I might not like something you tell me, but I’d hate it worse if you instead lied to me.

Not clean up after yourself.  How hard it is to pick something up and put it back where it belongs.  It isn’t hard, takes two seconds.  Don’t go leaving it there day in and day out.  If its trash, throw it out.  Put it in the recycling if its recyclable.  Just do it and be done with it.  I haven’t ever worked as a waitress or bartender, but if you are finished with your table, don’t leave everything you had all across the table, put it as neatly together as you can.  Again it isn’t hard, and you don’t come across as a total pig.  I do the same thing in hotel rooms, all my used towels will go in a pile together so the poor maid doesn’t have to go searching for the used towels.

*snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this meme*

Tell me you are going to do something and then flake.  If you promise me you are going to do something, do it.  Plain and simple.  Don’t flake out on me the last minute or take FOREVER to do what you promised.  Do it now and be done.  Do not take a week to do it.  You’ll feel better once it’s done and as will I.  If you can’t do something you promised, at least give me the heads up that you can’t, don’t just don’t say anything or even show up to somewhere we planned to meet.

Snobs.  I so dislike those that think they are better then you.  They sit and look down at you with their pointy nose and roll their eyes because you are so “you”.  Just get off your box and get on level ground.  You are not better then I. We are all the same, we are people making our way through this world the best way we can.  We all do things differently and make our own paths.  If everyone did the same things and acted the same way it would be a mighty boring world.  Just don’t.

I’ll leave it at those.  I am sure there are more, but I think this is a nice little bulk of them.  Reminder I like you as you are, don’t pretend to be someone you are not.