All About Me Fridays – 20 Random Things About Me

  1. Books – I love books.  I love reading them.  I love collecting them.  I store them like a squirrel stores nuts.  I love looking at my book shelf of books that I have yet to read and can’t help but keep adding to it.  Just looking at it makes me happy and giddy and wonder what book I’ll be picking up next. Lead me into a used bookstore and you have yourself trouble.  I can’t help but picking up books, especially when the price is right.  I love finding a deal on books!  Books are in my blood.  I love local history (or anywhere I know the places of), romance, true-crime, mystery, bio’s – my favorite kind are probably mystery though.  
  2. Makeup – I love makeup.  Especially when it comes to anything to do with eye makeup.  It just makes me happy.  Give me a new set of eyeshadow and I get super happy and can’t wait to play with it and see how it looks, what I can do with it!  I love walking into Ulta and just exploring, they have such a wide range of prices and usually have some kind of a good sale on, so I always find something new to take home.  I am not even sure where I got my love of makeup since no one in my family wears it beside me.  My mom only had powder in the house, and that was used in only the rarest of cases.  So its kind of odd to me to have this love of makeup, but I happily claim it as mine.
  3. I am quiet in person, but I love being around people.  Its a weird combo and one that probably hurts me.  I just look at people, and I am never sure what to say, when I do have something to say I usually do say it/ask it.  Once I get comfortable with someone though, thoughts come easier to what to say/ask.  I’m always listening though and stuffing files into my head. Online though, I can be a jabber box and worry that I bother people with it.  I love getting to know people online first, it then allows me to feel more comfortable with them in person.  I’m just quirky.
  4. I went a community college for two years.  My first year was an office assistant program, that I really wanted to do.  I loved to type and do accounting.  Loved it.  After my first year though my second year would have been my internship and I completely flaked that and got super scared so I changed my major to child development.  Same thing happened though, when the second year come up and I was close to my internship, I stopped.  I wish I had stuck with office assistant and just put on my big girl pants.
  5. While in college I worked as a Nanny for a family.  I watched an older boy and a younger girl.  We didn’t see eye to eye on how to “train” the kids, so I moved on.  A couple years later though I watched the girl in our home for several years again.  We remained friends and close, but I couldn’t deal with the drama feel.
  6. For a very brief time I cleaned rooms at hotel.  I couldn’t deal with the making the beds though in the time frame they wanted.  Plus I am super anal and couldn’t do as a quick job as they wanted in each room, so we parted ways pretty quickly.
  7. For the most part of my adult life I watched kids in my home.  It was a pretty steady job, and I did fairly well, but I wasn’t licensed and again to do so I’d have to go and do my internship, so once we moved here I gave up on that.
  8. I have been with Jason since I was 18 years old.  We actually met online though a random ICQ message.  We first became friends and then got closer, we met for the first time in Seattle back in July of 1998.  Been together since.  He got out of the air force in January 1999 and moved in with me.  Together since then.  Married in June 2003.  I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it, he is a part of me, what makes me- me in some sense.
  9. I love games.  Love game nights.  I love collecting games.  Sadly, we don’t have game nights for the lack of interest.  I’d love a monthly group though that did that.  Would make me happy.  Jason and I try to play a few at home and we go in phases with it.  Give me a card, board or video games and I’d be happy!
  10. I lost my Dad when I was 16.  He died in his sleep of what we assume was a heart attack.  My life was never the same after that.  In some ways good and in others bad.  He had heart surgery several years before and still had high blood pressure – which is probably why I worry about losing Jason in the same way.
  11. I love to travel.  I love road trips.  It doesn’t matter if we have been there a thousand times, I still get excited about the adventure and the planning of it.  I’d rather see the USA though then travel overseas.  Don’t get me wrong if even the chance I would explore somewhere overseas, but I have so many places I’d love to see in the USA.  The Grand Canyon, San Diego (more importantly Sea World), any Disney Theme Park, the East Coast (Maine) and many more.  I’d love to take an RV and travel across the USA in it for months.
  12. One of my favorite places in the world is by the ocean.  I could sit and stare at it for days and watch the waves crash in.  The smell, the sound, the feel just makes me happy.  I’d love to own a vacation home somewhere along the mid Oregon Coast so I could go anytime I’d like.
  13. When I was 4 or 5 I fell from the kitchen sink while climbing up to get a drink before bed.  I almost bite my tongue completely in half and had to go get stitches.  Once I was home I went into my bathroom and took tweezers and took out all but one of those stitches, I would have taken that one out too but couldn’t get it like I did the others.  Thankfully I still have a full tongue and no issues with having taken them all out, but boy was I in trouble.
  14. I tend to collect blankets, I can’t pass up a soft comfy cozy blanket.  I feel I just can’t get to many of them.  Same could probably be said for sheets.  
  15. I won a partial scholarship for a music camp in my junior year.  It was fun, but I was so scared to go, but again I did it.  Weirdly I only remember bits and pieces of that two week period.  I think I was just that scared the whole time.
  16. The very first time I flew was down to visit Jason while he was stationed in Texas for Christmas 1998.  I was so scared and couldn’t believe I was flying, let alone by myself.  I had always sworn that I would never ever fly.  I always had this thought that in my past life I died in a plane crash.
  17. I have amazingly growing nails if I allow it.  People think when I do grow them that they are fake ones because of how long they can get and stay.  
  18. I’ve only been stopped by a cop a single time and only got a warning for driving to fast in a school zone.  I was so scared by it that I was sitting there bawling – mind you I had the older boy I was nannying in the car.  Am so thankful he just let me go with the warning.
  19. I like cheesy reality shows, but only certain ones. I used to watch the Bachelor, but it got old and annoying so I gave up on that.  I still watch Teen Mom, Real World, Real Housewives of Orange County – you get the picture.
  20. In the summer between my senior year and first year of college I watched my then best friend flip her car right in front of me.  It was like 2 in the morning, and we were coming home from cruising Coeur d’Alene, I think, and I watch her car go to the side and flip over.  It was so scary.  Thankfully she wasn’t badly hurt, but I’ll always remember that.  We are pretty sure she fell asleep at the wheel.
There you have it 20 completely random things about little ole’ me.  I hope you enjoyed reading!