Thankful Thursday with link-up

Fourth week of Thankful Thursday and going strong.  I am not sure how long I’ll keep Thankful Thursdays going probably at least through Thanksgiving, but time will tell.

*snagged from Pinterest, I have no rights to this photo, just sharing*

  1. I am thankful for our wood heat.  I hate that we don’t have any other type of heat right now, but once we get it going its warm and toasty and heats the whole house easily while being budget friendly.  Plus the smell of wood heat is amazing comforting.
  2. I am thankful for Donavan and Emily.  While they live two hours away, they are usually the two we can do things with as couples and enjoy each others company.  We’ve done Zoo Brew, Hood River wine train for Maryhill Winery, and a concert. With hopefully many more adventures to come. It’s a comfortable pace with them, and I love that to pieces, I just wish they were closer then two hours away.  It’s amazing to me too that Donavan and I went to school together starting in 2nd grade through senior year and yet barely talked, but get both of us over this side of the state and instant friends.  Love it.
  3. I am thankful for Jason’s once co-workers and now life long friends.  Without them we’d never go out anywhere with anyone, it would always just be us for the most part, and that gets really boring. 
  4. I am thankful that I met Debbie.  Weirdly she was living at Jason’s complex when we first met and then she started to sell Avon, so she became my Avon lady.  As I do with people, I found her on facebook and we grew close.  I value her friendship, I just wish we got together more then we do.  We have a comfortable friendship, that is rare to find for me so quickly after knowing someone.  She just plain rocks.  I love her.
  5. I am thankful for our tablets (our Acer & our Kindle).  They help us get more swagbucks then we would on average and allow us to get extra goodies we normally wouldn’t splurge on often.  Plus I love playing games on them and being able to do “smartphone” like stuff on them since I don’t have a smartphone yet.