All About Me Friday – The Shiny Parts of Me

Physically I don’t think I am pretty, I believe I am very very average and at times ugly.  This is just how I see me, sometimes.

Today though I am asked to focus on what I think my best physical features are, so we’ll work on that.

Looking in the mirror at myself and hearing others I’ll go first with my smile.  I love my smile, its big and welcoming and shiny.  It helps that my teeth are fairly even and straight, so that smile has that going for it.  My teeth haven’t had braces, and I only have a slight issue on my bottom teeth with this one little naughty tooth, otherwise I like my smile/teeth.

Next we have my eyes, I love my eyes.  They are a deep brown and the whites are usually crystal clear.  Loving my eyes is probably why I like eye makeup as much as I do.  It’s an easy feature to play with and play up more.

I like my finger nails, when I let them grow out.  I think its pretty awesome that I can grow out my nails and people think they are fake nails.  Its just when I want to grow them out, I tend to like them short and easy to deal with.

That is me, my shiny parts.  Parts of me that I a pretty proud of and like.

What are yours?  Let me know your shiny!