All About Me Friday – The Worst of Me

*snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this photo/meme*
Truthfully you’d probably get better answers on this one from someone else close to me, like Jason, Teresa or Kris.  My bad habits?  I am sure I have plenty, but now trying to sit down and write them out to explain to you all – it just leaves me running a blank.  
I’d say though first that probably my lack of small talk.  I want to talk, I want you to like me.  Running a blank though isn’t helpful and doesn’t help you to like me or get to know.  It’s a bad habit and one I wish I could change, but I have tried, and it just doesn’t seem to happen.  I think though I am better then I once was and maybe over time it’ll get even better?  I can only hope.
Depending on who you ask it would probably be my OCD nature.  Dishes must all be cleaned or put into the dishwasher before bed.  I HATE waking up to dishes sitting on the counter, it bugs me.  And to someone this would be considered a bad habit, just leave them, its not going to kill anyone, but to me it bugs the crap out of me.  Things should be put back into their place and not leave randomly on the table, floor or what have you.  Put it where it belongs, please.  Is this actually a bad habit?  I haven’t a clue, but its something that I know doesn’t always fit with others.
My weird worry gene.  I worry about everything.  Plant a tiny small seed of something and it’ll leave me freaking out for days on end and sometimes leave me with trouble sleeping because of it.  Like take my car for instant, its been a decent car with a little bit of problems here or there.  It has the check engine soon light, or makes a weird noise I won’t drive it by myself until its fixed or whatever its doing stops.  One of my greatest fears is the car stalling while I am alone driving it, especially while stopped at a stop light.  Probably won’t happen, but its there and needles away at me.
My lack of motivation to get dressed most days.  I work at home with Roxy as my daily companion, I don’t need to go outside for the most part, only to check the mail.  I sit here in  my pj’s or in warm comfy clothes, hair pulled back still curly if I haven’t taken the time to straighten it.  Even on days when I know I have to get dressed and make myself look okay, it takes me forever to get there.  Like now, it’s 2p.m., still in my pj’s with my  hair pulled backed into a headband and ponytail to do a facial.  Jason’s soccer game is at 6:40p.m., so really I do need to get dressed and make myself up.  I have massive emails everyday and then throw in having to do blog posts, I just don’t feel the need.  I wish I did, some days.
Sleeping until 10a.m. most days.  I am NOT a morning person.  I hate mornings, I do them rarely.  Though I really don’t like sleeping until 10 either, it just happens.  I rarely set an alarm to get up, and tend to go to sleep anywhere from midnight to 2.  It’s not the greatest habit. Heck I’d be happy if I could get my butt up at 9, I used to and did fairly well but lately that has completely fallen off the rails.  Again its not hurting anyway and its my routine, but its still kind of annoying.
There you have it.  Some of my bad habits.  Do they qualify as bad habits?  I am not sure, but its what I could think of and add in.  
Do you have any bad habits you’d like to fess up to?
*snagged from Pinterst, I take no rights to this photo/meme*