All About Me Friday – What’s in my Fridge?

Why aren’t you glad you asked?  We have two fridges and a chest freezer, and I felt it was only right that I shared them all.

First we have our main fridge, which is in our kitchen.  Our kitchen is very oddly shaped which the fridge has to face a weird way so you can fully open it.  Which also means we can’t get a normal bigger size fridge until we can redo the whole kitchen itself. The freezer has some frozen veggie sides in the door (the green giant are amazing on still being healthy contents).  We have ice trays and ice buckets (I like ice and therefore have two buckets going until the other is full – in fact I get silently annoyed if I am at someones house and they don’t have lots of ice readily available, shhh), fireball, cranberries and other various frozen items.

Inside this fridge you’ll find normal things:  milk, orange juice, water, mayo, ketchup, celery, carrots, lunch meat, lemon juice, coffee creamer – and really I could go on and on and on.  I like having enough on hand so I don’t have to run to the store every few days.  Ideally I only like to go once every two weeks or so.  Most of the time I can achieve that.  Freezer here is nice cold glasses for mainly beers and big bags of frozen vegetables along with a couple ice creams and frozen soups.  Oh and jagermeister!

The other fridge is in the pantry/laundry room.  Its our overflow fridge.  What normally I wanted for extra alcohol, soda pop and other beverages has become just the other place we store things.  Always in this one is the extra orange juice & milk.  Other beverages of various types (mikes, wine, sangria, pop), BBQ sauce, sour cream, halos, apples, lemons, yogurt, grapefruit cups, cheese, sundried tomatoes – you get the idea!

Last we have our huge chest freezer.  Before I got this, my Mom and Dad had it and before them my Grandma had it, so its been a long running thing and so useful.  Filled to the brim with meat (chicken, steak, salmon, halibut, roasts, beef stew), some cheese, some frozen products (but little since they are so full of sodium, its insane), and who knows what else in here.

There you have it.  A peek in my fridges & freezer.  Knowing what I keep on hand is kind of interesting, and I think totally allows you get to know someone on another level.

What’s inside your fridge right now?  I bet lots of you are full of leftovers right now.