Thankful Thursday

I know I have missed a few weeks since starting this, but I want to get these next two weeks without fail.

  1. I am thankful today and every single day for all my senses.  This one is slightly snagged from my dear friend Erica and thought it was a wonderful thing to be thankful for.  I love that each day I have eyes that allow me to see the sun shining, the computer screen so I can easily connect with you all, and the beautiful mountains, beaches and valleys.  I love that each day I can smell my coffee brewing, my scented lotion and my husbands after shave.  I love that each day I can feel the keyboard under my fingers, the soft touch of my dogs fur, and the roughness of wood.  I love that each and every single day I can hear music playing, my fur baby barking and talking, and the wonderful voices of my loved ones.  I love that each day I can taste my morning coffee and enjoy its richness, enjoy sometimes the melting quality of a deep dark chocolate and the sweetness of a piece of fruit.  My senses come alive, and I am grateful I can experience each and every one.
  2. I am thankful for Amazon Prime.  We just recently took the plunge and signed up for it after having a trial last year we were able to get one now again and took advantage of it, and I don’t see us getting rid of it.  I am not only enjoying the free two day shipping, which allows all sorts of goodies to get here even quicker, but I have found so  many advantages to the amazon prime videos – we just watched Hunger Games (so good!) and I just watched 4 Glees last night while Jason was working late and loved it!
  3. I am thankful that we live fairly comfortably, while it would be so handy if I could find some kind of job other then blogging & surveys, its not a HAVE to, which for that in itself I am grateful.  We have enough food everywhere to never go hungry and go out enough to where we don’t get crabby.  Side note though I’d really feel more useful finding some kind of part job that would fit me.
  4. I am thankful for the person that invented text messaging.  I absolutely HATE talking on the phone and once we had a text savvy phone I was in heaven, no more cringing at having to contact someone.  Though really, truthfully, I still have to call sometimes, and I whine and whine.  So yes, I am thankful for that simple text message.
  5. I am thankful for the whole month of December.  The whole month quite often feels like a whole month Holiday, though I stress myself out way to much during this time of year.  I love and look forward to it each year.  I love that we put up our Christmas tree the first weekend of December each and every year, its one of our traditions and I love it.  It’ll be a bit different this year without traveling to Idaho, but I am hoping it also helps me stress less.  We shall see.