Cheers Not Jeers!

Cheers not Jeers
I just ran across this cute thing called Cheers Not Jeers by Ashten at The Aslan’s Auspicious Albany Adveture, where you just shout out your love for a fellow blogger while encouraging others to go check them out.  How fun is that?

I decided it would be fun to try and link up each week so I could share some of my favorites.

If you feel like linking up just visit Ashten and learn more about it.

This week I am going to highlight a new friend that I ran across a few weeks back somehow while I was doing my nightly blog reading.  She is a bright spot and one I have instantly felt a real connection with.

Stephanie from Not Entirely Perfect, just rocks.  Plain and simple.  I feel like if we lived in the same town or even within a few towns of one another we’d be real life friends.  She is outgoing and bubbly and just a ray of sunshine.  She comments on my blog and sends cheer wherever she goes.  I envy her cause she stated that she has massive blogs all scheduled out for each day/week, how I envy that, but its just not in my genes.

Go check her out, and I swear you’ll get a smile on your face from her blog posts & just her personally.  I am honored she is bloggy/instagram friend!!