Because Roxy Says So!

The antics of Roxy are never ending and thought it was about time I set down and did just a quick post all about Roxy and her silliness and set in her ways acting.

See that picture up there?  That is Roxy if she has JUST finished emptying her food bowl.  She’ll come over to me and whine, whine, then yip, yip…then jump up on me and lick me and nudge me.  She is saying “OH MY GOD Mom, my dish, its empty!!!  I am starving, you must get up at this very moment and fill it.”  I do it, and she happily sniffs it and then walks away happily, mind you she doesn’t eat anymore right then, she just doesn’t like it empty.  lol
A little back story, for those of you that are newly reading my blog, we acquired Roxy just a year ago this past August. My high school friend knew I had been wanting a puppy again, badly.  I lavish love on his two babies each and every time we get together.  I met his Mom, and Miss Roxy at his graduation from college party.  Roxy, at the party, was playing with this small ball and was happily going to everyone there to throw the ball for her.  She was nuts and full of energy and his Mom said to us that day, do you want a dog?  I didn’t think anything of it then, but a month later Donavan calls and says “Did you guys still want a dog?  My Mom has to get rid of Roxy because Grandma and her are tripping over each other, and we are afraid one of them is going to hurt badly one of these times.”  My heart was hammering, I tried to picture her and think oh my gosh does she fit.  Jason was like, well if you want her we can get her.   It took us awhile to be able to get down to Bend, OR to get her – Donavan’s Mom doesn’t drive.  We were finally able to go get here the first weekend of August 2012.
On the way down, our car overheated and we were stuck on the side of the road between Warm Springs, OR & Redmond, OR…basically in the middle of nowhere, we could only go very little before the car would get really HOT, and we’d have to pull over.  Finally, it got to be where it just wasn’t safe, so we had to get towed.  I am thinking, oh my god, today was supposed to be a relaxing fun day and look at this crap.  Thank god for the tow truck driver, because no one in town would look at us until Monday, it was Saturday late afternoon.  The wonderful amazing tow truck driver took us to his shop and filled our tank with water, and it worked, we weren’t overheating anymore.  We took it slow, and everything was golden.  It helped that it was finally getting cooler out too.  We got Miss Roxy, she was so confused when we took her, she kept wondering why Momma Diane wasn’t coming too.  We thankfully made it home safely that night with no more issues.
That is how we got Roxy.  She has now a permanent member of our family and stuck like glue to us.  I couldn’t imagine life without her anymore.  
Now for a few more antic stories.

She will not walk up or down our spiral staircase.  Oh wait, I take that back, if desperate she will walk up, very very slowly, but never ever down.  Our bedroom is upstairs, so each time Jason takes her up to bed (yes she sleeps with us in our bed, she WAS kennel trained, uhm, yea no more *hangs head in shame*) and each weekday I bring her down with me when I get up.  Its our routine and it works, but its a little weird.  lol I come down and bring down the tablets and my water cup and turn on the coffee.  I then go back up and potty and get some pants on, etc and then she “helps” me make the bed.  Where she flops on her back and does the happy dog dance and tries to bit and pull at the sheets and blankets.  During the weekends its a bit different, Jason will leave her in bed with me when he gets up, but she quickly realizes that wait Daddy is still home…and she gallops at me and licks me and says Mommy!!!  And so I go Daddy!!  And up he comes to get her.  lol
Also, she has weird eating habits.  She will only eat usually during playtime, throw the ball, Hippo, Ellie a few times, and she starts eating.  She will not eat or drink while she is home alone, EVER.  She knows when its 6:30p.m. and is time for her greenie bone – she’ll whine at me and talk away, and I say is it bone time and she gallops up and bounces all around.  She knows the sound/look of the container we keep her greenies in. 
Won’t you write a post about your lovely fur baby and link up with the lovely Jade and Oak and Karly Kim?
Jade and Oak
She’s is just a funny girl and brings so much light and joy to our lives.  Also, she is VERY VERY spoiled and truthfully I’d have it no other way – you should see her Christmas gifts.