Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I do hope your Christmas time was a wonderful happy memory filled one.  I decided I need to get back to some posting so I thought I’d hop in with some memories of this season & of course a few pictures.

Christmas Eve I decided was footies pj day all day.  It used to be that Christmas Day was just Jason and I’s day, where we’d huddle in and take our time opening our gifts and just enjoying the relaxing day.  That is when we lived in Coeur d’Alene.  We’d have chili dogs for dinner, and it was just perfect.  I loved our Christmas Day while living there.  I am thinking that maybe Christmas Eve will now be like our old Christmas Day’s minus opening the gifts because I still like opening those Christmas Day.

Christmas Day we woke up and opened our stockings.  Roxy was so stinkin’ cute with her gifts.  She would play with each toy full on before we made her open up the next one, and she’d do the same with that one.  It was just so cute, and she was so much more into Christmas this year then last one.  It made me extremely happy and giddy.  We opened our gifts slowly and had breakfast of french toast and bacon.  Mid afternoon we made our way to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner and a bit more presents.  We got back home a bit to late to par take in any of the new games we gave one another, so hopefully we can do that within the next few days.  I do love my games!

I had to share all three of these photos because you can tell the story with them.  The first Roxy is like, okay fine – take the photo but be quick about it.  Second photo she is saying MOM!  Are ya done yet? Can I take them?  Third is okay Mom, I don’t care if you are done – I am taking them!!  lol

This photo is where she has a pack of my socks in her mouth – she decided they were hers and grabbed them out of my hands and dragged them away.  They are in her mouth even if you can’t tell it.  lol

Next Roxy got a new bag of little balls, that she just LOVES.  She already had two balls out, so we decided we wouldn’t open the new bag, and she was having none of that.  She was mad when we put it in the pile of new things. So she went and grabbed the whole bag and knocked it off the pile and then took it away.  The WHOLE bag is in her mouth.  Very bottom picture is where she got a new ball, but shh it was from the drawer that had an open bag of balls not the new set, but she was a happy girl then.  lol  Silly thing.

Just a few pictures with this post, don’t want to scare you all away!  Here is hoping that yours was just happy/memory filled as mine.  Back to regular blog posting for me!
Oh wait!!  One more photo…this is Roxy with her stash of goodies she got for Christmas.  She was SO mad at me making her sit there with it all.  lol