3 of My Guilty Pleasures

*stole from Pinterest, I take no right to this photo*

You ask someone what their guilty pleasure is, and you might look at them why do you feel guilty with such and such? I think to one person  its a guilty pleasure and to another its just a pure pleasure without guilt.  Do you feel that way?  Or am I alone in this?

I thought it might be fun to dip into “some” of mine.  I say some because I know there is many of them and couldn’t even touch the top of them by this one post.  I am full of guilty pleasures!!

*Reality Tv – oh my nothing better then some sleazy Tv to watch and keep me entertained in my endless days of home alone with Roxy.  Give me Teen Mom, Real World, Real Housewives of Orange County (and some Beverly Hills) (but please no others, they annoy me), Big Brother, Amazing Race (which really isn’t sleazy, its actually really good Tv) and on and on.  Though I do not want the Bachelor anymore, not for me.  Do you like you some reality Tv?  Care to drop some names for me?
 – – Not to mention I am weird and LOVED the first seasons the most of Big Brother & Real World before the scripts really started to get pushed in.  Anyone remember/watched Temptation Island? oh la la  Yes some good sleazy Tv right there!
– – There is also some good reality Tv like American Idol (which shhh I do not watch, sometimes I catch while they are doing the auditions), The Voice, and America’s Got Talent.

*stole from Pinterest, I take no rights to this photo*

*Staying in  my Pj’s all day – I sit here and think well I don’t have anywhere to go, why should I get dressed?  While I am way okay with staying in my pj’s, there is that small sense of guilt like you really should go get some clothes on and be human.  Then the other side of my head goes “Oh Shut Up over there, You are not impressing anyone”.  So I stay.  They are comfy and are just me.  Oh the heaven that is staying in comfy cozy clothes all day while I blog and do surveys.

*Nachos – Oh my god I love nachos.  I have them probably once a week at home.  Mine mainly just have cheese though when made at home.  I feel so guilty when I have them, but usually I am feeling down and want a boost and by this time I am starving to death!  Nachos are easy and yummy and filling, so presto lets have them.  You will recall that I dislike lunch time, so they end up being my easy solution, and they perk me up!  Applebee’s used to have the BEST nachos hands down, but then they changed them up and put stupid chili with them and totally ruined the greatest they once had.

*stole from Pinterest, I take no right to this photo*

So there are a few of mine…I’d love to hear some of yours!  Spill the beans!