All About Me Friday – What is my Day?

Todays prompt for All About Me Friday’s is Timeline of My Day.  I put it off last week so I could take a day and take photos to go along with it, make it a bit more interesting since my days are pretty hum drum.  This totally reminded me a group that is/used to be on livejournal where you took photos of your day and then posted them to share in the group.  It was fun, but I never did my own, now I kind of have.

My day starts out anywhere from 8 to 11a.m.  On Wednesday it happened to be:
I get up and grab my water cup & the tablet(s), and head downstairs to put my cup in the dishwasher and put the tablet(s) on the couch.  I now have gotten to where I put away the dishes that are in the drying drain as well before turning on the coffee and heading back upstairs.  Where I go potty and then rinse out my mouth and splash my face before putting in my eyes.  
I walk back into the bedroom to this sight:  
Mom, do we have to get up yet?  I am still comfy.  We make the bed.  And I say we because this is my help each morning.
I then put on some kind of pj bottoms or comfy pants and some socks.  Then grab my phone and the little miss to head downstairs.  Remember she will not go up or down them.  Especially down them.
Down we go where I sat her down by my end table and set my phone down.  I head into the kitchen to open the blinds and make my way back into the living room as I open blinds along the way.  Someone is waiting to go out.
Let the little Miss out & go and open the blinds in the second living room.  Straighten the couch & open the paper from the plastic bag, plug in the tablets and put them on the couch.  Head back into the kitchen and go into the washer/dryer/pantry area and put the bag into the recycling and back into the kitchen to get my cup of coffee.
Back in the living room to settle in with my coffee, paper and tablets.  Roxy may or may not be ready to come back in yet, but once she is:
Finish up the paper, and grab the kindle first to do a few games and delete my delete emails and then start Entertainment Channel from Swagbucks.  I grab the other tablet, Acer and usually just go through my instagram at that time and then start regular swagbucks mobile on that.  I then turn on the computer and get sucked into all my million emails a day and try and read my facebook, my blogs and various other things online.  It looks much like this:

By the time 12:30pm. or so comes along.  I am done with coffee and get my water going.  Where I take the hair vitamin pills I am testing before I  figure out the ever dreaded lunch.
I go up and brush my teeth and get dressed, or I just stay in my pj’s depending on the day.  I figure out the whole lunch deal and get back to work on the computer.  If I exercise that day its between 2 & 4 that it happens.
Jason gets home between 4:30p.m. and 5:30pm. and Roxy gets all excited that her daddy is home and gets some kind of toy to play with him.  We settle in and watch some tv and figure out what to have for dinner if we haven’t already got the meal plan up.  
We eat dinner anywhere from 6 to 9p.m. and watch some of our shows.  I continue to work on the dreaded emails and get caught up for the day.
I clean up the kitchen during that time (while pausing the tv and upsetting Jason lol), make up our waters, trying and gather lunch for Jason the next day, prep the coffee for the morning, do ice if needed, and various other night things.  
I start to get read to go upstairs anywhere from 10 to 11, sometimes a bit later.  I brush my teeth, wash my face if I put makeup on that day, and get my jammies on if I am still dressed.  Sometimes the tv will go on, but more often then not we put one of the tablets on the police scanner and listen to that for a bit while I play some games and various other things and of course read some.  Falling asleep usually anywhere from 12:30 to 2a.m.
There you have the timeline of my average day.  Its pretty boring and annoying, but its my annoyance.  It can vary but on average that is basically it.