I bit the bullet

You might be asking, what you bit the bullet?  On what?  Why?

Well Sunday, yesterday, I decided within hours that I was finally going to do what I have been talking about for years now and thinking it was just to big of a gamble and to spendy that I just didn’t do it.  I now wish I had done it right when I started blogging, and my friend Kristin thought of my title…

So what did I do?

After asking a few questions with people that have dealt with domains and making sure I could do what I was thinking I could…

I bought my own domain.  I am now the proud, super proud, owner of Angie’s Angle – I could not be more excited and I am in awe of how easy it was plus how cheap really.  I only spent $10 something for the year.  I am now more professional looking with no more blogspot or penguinsangel to distract from my cause.

I am still using blogger as my platform, so I am not doing a hundred changes at once.  It seems looking at my stats, I just need to get my linkage to angie’s angle now instead of penguinsangel and I should grow right back up.  

I told you that 2014 was my year and with this change I feel it even more.  I am knocking my This Year I Will, outta the park already and it is still only January!!
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