Making Dinner Easy with Campbell’s #SauceItUp

I received coupons to buy two free Campbell’s Sauces from Crowdtap & Campbell’s.  I was asked to host a party with them & give my full and honest opinion on the products.  However, as always, all my thoughts are 100% my own as are the pictures.

I love hosting, love it.  My problem tends to be getting people to actually come to my parties.  Maybe we are boring?  I don’t know, but sometimes its like pulling teeth to get people to come for some yummy food and some fun.  Like I said, I’d love to start a regular game night, but I can’t seem to find willing people (or very few).  

Anyway, any chance I have to try and host a party I am all for it.  Crowdtap had a place to host a party with Campbell’s, so I applied, like any good party happy host would do.  Needless to say, since I am posting this post, I got it and quickly.  YAY!

We ended up buying several different varieties at Safeway because they were on sale, and we after all were getting two free.  Plus we have actually had the Marsala before and loved it, so that was a given!

a sampling of the campbell's slow cooker & skillet sauces

I decided though it was going to be just a small gathering, and that was that.  I invited a few, but some or other happened to where no one could come.  I know my lovely BFF would have came if she hadn’t fallen ill, but alas she did.  We invited our neighbors, but she had been working super early shifts.  I invited the now happily married couple, cause thinking two days before their wedding they might like a meal provided. 

So as you might have guessed, an actual party didn’t happen.  We instead did  two dinners for us and took pictures and tasted and made our own party, because sometimes that is just what you have to do to make it work.

Sunday we had the Slow Cooker Sauces in Apple Bourbon BBQ, we started it that morning in the slow cooker over a small pork roast.  I noticed it was pretty strong smelling of Bourbon, and that concerned me as I was pouring it over the meat.  That is all you had to do by the way, was put the meat in the slow cooker and open the packet of sauce and put the slow cooker on the set time you need and walk away.  How much easier could that be? 

pouring the Campbell's Slow cooker sauce over the roast

We ended up making mashed potatoes and corn with it and called it good.  Sadly, both Jason and I weren’t a fan of the Apple Bourbon BBQ we both thought it came out kind of watery & I was just getting an over power taste of Bourbon.  It was okay, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t something we’d choose to eat ourselves.  

Campbell's BBQ dinner plate
Monday we had the Toasted Sesame with Chicken Skillet Sauce.  All you had to do with this one was brown up the meat you are using, then pour the sauce over and let cook all together awhile and then enjoy.  We had rice and veggies with this one.  Oh my goodness, this one was so good.  We enjoyed the flavor of the Toasted Sesame so much.  It was so flavorful and easy to make.  
Getting saucy with Campbell's skillet sauce

Campbell's Toasted Sesame Dinner plate
Campbell’s has a full line of skillet and crockpot sauces to fit any of your needs.  Who doesn’t love a quick and easy dinner sometimes.  Prep time for slow cooker is about 5 minutes & dinner is ready in about 15 with the skillet sauce!  Most excellent.
Have you heard of any of these Campbell’s Slow Cooker or Skillet Sauces?
Want to try them now?

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  • Betsy

    I actually like the bourbon bbq one, you’re right it was a little overpowering on the bourbon flavor but I felt it didn’t taste overly salty which is something I worry about when using those types of things. I will have to try the sesame one sometime.

  • I have heard of these and have been wanting to try them! It seems like it’s an easy way to have a super delicious dinner. Thanks for the review!

  • It is, there are so many varieties to choose from so you are bound to find one or several to your liking!

  • Yes, I always have to look out for the sodium content in pre-packaged stuff like this and was happy that this one wasn’t to bad.

  • Rose Powell

    Whoa! Those looks positively delicious AND I love that you can take an ordinary meal, pop it in the crockpot and WHOA! Love it!

  • taylor

    that sesame sauce looks awesome! i’ve seen these before, but haven’t tried them yet.

  • yummy!

  • It’s really great stuff, for the most part, you have to buy some to have on hand!

  • You need to try them, I swear you’ll love them and surprisingly they are pretty healthy for being pre-packaged.

  • YES!

  • That looks tasty. I love an easy crockpot meal but I’m always a little skeptical of prepackage food items because so many are high in sodium and carbohydrates (we eat low carb for me and low sodium for my husband). What did you think of the nutrition contents?

  • That is something we have to look for as well and these were not bad at all for pre-packaged products. I remember one of them was 16% in sodium, which is a bit high but not bad really especially when it comes to the pre-packaged stuff, and it didn’t taste salty at all. Which is why I was okay with getting a few when we found them on sale, they are great for everyday of course but for sometimes def. not bad!

  • I’ve been seeing commercials for these slow cookers packages and I’d like to give them a try. Thanks for the heads up on the bourbon one. Though I am from Kentucky, I’ve never been a fan of bourbon so I know I can probably skip that one!

  • I do hope you’ll let me know which ones you end up trying.

  • Debbie Gibson

    I made the Apple Bourbon BBQ yesterday and it turned out great. I used a beef roast instead of pork ( because that’s what i had on hand),and we added some BBQ sauce and extra bourbon to it and it turned out great.

  • yay!!! I am so glad you liked it 🙂