My Favorite Place(s) by Roxy

Hi, Roxy here!  Mommy decided it was time I stepped up and did a guest blog post for you guys.  I’m a little nervous since this is my first time, but Mommy says I am going to do amazing!  Mommy says that Jade and Oak along with Karly Kim were hosting a pet link up, and she wanted to join in, so here I am.

Jade and Oak

First off, I liked to be called Mizz Roxy, doesn’t it just sound special?  I’m special and spoiled, but don’t let Mommy know I told you all that I am spoiled because I am leading Mommy and Daddy that they abuse me and just don’t give or do enough for me.  It’s our secret, okay? shhh…

Today’s topic is to tell you all about my favorite places I am told.  I do have a few, but we’ll get mainly to my all time favorite place.

I do love my Mommy’s lap, I adore my bush outside which the Fed Ex rightly so called my princess castle, I love going bye-bye in the car, and I love my big high bed by the window.  My all time favorite place ever though is the beach.  Have you been?

Oh my gosh, it is heaven, if you haven’t gone you should and take me with you!

That sand on my paws as I run along the water, that scent that clings in the air as I sniff around and catch so many wonderful amazing scents.  I can’t even begin to tell you what happens in that air because its so many that I get so excited that I just have to investigate them all.  Do you know that there are other dogs there too? I want to meet them all.  Oh!!  And people!!  Even birds.  I just want to go to them all and say hi and play with them.  I just don’t understand why Mommy and Daddy say I have to stay back, I just want to play!

This past summer, I couldn’t tell you the dates or time, it was summer though the sun was strong, and the air had that summer smell in it.  Mommy and Daddy took me on a long car drive, and we ended up at the beach and I was so excited.  I could smell that the salt air was near, and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  We met up with two other tall humans and one little human and then this other big dog, he was nice though, and we played together.

Oh I am getting off base.  Mommy and Daddy did the most amazing thing, they let me off my leash.  Yes!!  They let me off the leash on that beach.  Oh my happy day.  I ran, and I ran and I did loops, I was so excited.  I even slipped into the water and had to dig my way back out.  I was a wet sandy happy dog.  That other big dog?  He even ran with me!  Oh my gosh, I wish we could go back right now, and Mommy and Daddy would do that glorious thing again and let me off my leash thing again.

The bad thing is that Mommy made me take a bath when we got back to the house, and I was NOT happy with her then.  She even told me she’ll have to take my shampoo with us whenever we go somewhere now.  Why did she have to rinse off that wonderful amazing water and sand?  I liked it, I wanted to mark it all around the house.

The beach gets four paws up from me, but I can only give it four paws up when I do the happy dog, so here we go!  Four paws!

Where is your favorite place?