Roxy Here introducing you to playtime

Mommy says that I must sit down and do a little guest post again. She said all these people were asking about me and telling her that I should pop in more often with my furry thoughts.  I think people just want to hear from me because I am just so darn cute.  Yes, I am cute, and I know it.
I am having Mommy help me along today because my paws kept hitting more than the key I was intending each time and was getting frustrated it was taking me just to long to type up a simple sentence.  Therefore, I am using Mom’s quick fingers for my thoughts.
Do ya’ll love playtime?  Isn’t it grand to run and chase things and play keep away?  No?  You do not play keep away you say?  Why?  It is so much fun, you should try it.
I have lots of toys, as you see….

Daddy thought it would be cute to pile all my toys around me, I wasn’t really impressed with his thinking.

I know I am spoiled, but again you must not tell a sole that I said that because I want everyone to think that I am completely deprived of anything at all.  
I came with my Hippo, my pink bear, my rope, and little pink Ellie when I came to live with Mommy and Daddy.  Since then Mommy just can’t help herself and buys me all sort of goodies that I just love.  
My favorite though are my little balls.  I love them.  I mostly play with Daddy, Mommy is okay but Daddy is the BEST.  Daddy will throw the ball, and I’ll cheat and go half way into the kitchen and sometimes he’ll trick me and throw it the other way and I have to go long long way to grab it.  I bark at that ball when it goes a different way then it was suppose to.  And I know the difference of each of my balls, if I am playing with my little blue ball you better keep playing with that one until I say its time to change, do not go throw that yellow one – I will not bring it back, but will sniff it to check which one it is.

Oh heaven is my little balls…I shall play with them forever.
But don’t you ever take away Hippo, she is also one of my all time favorites, and I shall never part with her.  She is well worn to show that I have loved on her much.  She has had to go to the hospital for surgery a few times and one time I tried to sneak out early and Mommy and Daddy said no she isn’t ready yet, and I sighed and looked all sad because I just wanted Hippo home with me.

Cuddling with Hippo my love
I love though all the new toys Mommy buys me too, I just love to play. 
Daddy says I am his soccer girl!
Do you love to play?  What is your favorite toy?
I’d love it if you came to play with me, I love playing!

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