Customizing with Allied Shirts

I was given a fully customized shirt in exchange to give my full and honest opinion on from AlliedShirts.  I, as always, only state the truth and was in no way swayed by being provide a free product.

I have this thing with shirts.  I wear them more often then not.  They are just comfortable to me and easy.  I never claimed to be a fashion diva, so I do what is comfortable and enjoyable to me.  

Which is why I was more then happy to partner with AlliedShirts & try out one of their customized t-shirts.  I was given a code for a budget unisex t-shirt.  It allows you completely customize your own shirt from start to finish.  You can include a picture of your own or choose from the graphics they have on their site.

I started off with a deep purple t-shirt, because hello its me!  I didn’t know where I was heading after that but as I was scrolling through their graphics it totally hit me.

Ta-da!!  I mean how completely and utterly perfect is that?  Especially this year with doing the Catch the Moment 365.  I was thrilled with my design.  Happily it showed up quite well with the photos we took, but in person its a bit harder to see, but I am still in love with it.  What do you think?
It’s tucked in because its a bit big.  I wish I would have realized more when ordering with the unisex size, its probably more of a men size, so I probably should have gone with a small instead of a medium like I did.  I had Jason take one with it untucked to clarify just how big it is.
Right?  So keep that in mind if ordering in the unisex section.  Allied Shirts has unisex t-shirts in short sleeve and long sleeve along with woman’s t-shirts in girly, ladies and long sleeve.  It also offers sweatshirts in hoodies or not.  Great options to fit what you are looking for!  All shirts are completely printed in the USA.
If you play around on the site you’ll see just how many options you can have to design any type of shirt to fit what you are looking for.  Am pretty happy with mine, so I think you would be as well.
Check out Allied Shirts:

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