All About Me Friday–Hoarding at its Finest

This week’s prompt asked me about my collections.  I have several so hoarding came to mind, I’d like to think though I don’t run over on what I do indeed collect and I have to say that its many.  This post probably will only get a few items, but trust me I am sure there are many more.

  • We shall start with my books.  I am pretty good anymore about not keeping the books I have read and were not anything special to me.  I have a thing though with collecting books to read.  As evidence by the picture I am including.  I love books and love having choices when I go to pick out my new book.  Love going to yard sales and used book stores and getting cheap books, it makes me happy.  Plus I download like crazy books that sound good to me on  my kindle too, who knows just how many books I have on there, all free though – except for one or two that were bought for me.  And I did buy The Host because it was on sale and it was something I really wanted to read.  Even though I am good about not keeping the books I have read, they are in fact still sitting down in the basement waiting to go to Powell’s or some other places where I can get something back for them.  We won’t mention just how  many boxes of books are down there, but trust me they are meant for other places; they just haven’t gotten there yet.

Unread Books - Angie's Angle

  • Eye shadow, I just can’t help myself when it comes to seeing these pretty new eye shadows and I just have to try them.  Plus add in eyeliners and mascara and we have a problem.  Not a HUGE problem mind you, but still a slight problem since I collect them like crazy, but I do look for deals on them and just don’t pay full price without blinking an eye.  A slight view of my “collection” can be seen below.

Collection of Eye Shadows - Angie's Angle

  • The last thing I am going to touch on is my game collection.  I love playing board and card games and love getting a new game to try.  Love when we want to play a game that there are many choices to choose from and we are not limited to just one or two picks.  Since I like such a wide variety of type of games, there is a wide variety to choose from.  My Amazon Wish List has several games on it as well because hello a new game is exciting, especially with a good group of people.

Game Collection - Angie's Angle

What about you, what do you collect?  I’d love to hear it. 

 photo loveme.png

  • Hahaha! Oh man it makes me want to come over and throw things away! I don’t collect anything. The only thing I recently had a giant collection of was mardi gras beads, and I gave them all away last year. I like having no stuff!

  • I like stuff, but only certain stuff, everything else I purge quite often. I do not like the way my books are right now, but I haven’t read them, so they have to stay lol

  • aprilaakre

    I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and nail polish but I like to have a lot of different shades to choose from. I use to sell Avon so that didn’t help any. I have a lot of books also. I like to read alot some days it is hard to find time to read them

  • I have quite a few nail polishes as well – thought just a year or two ago I really cleaned it out. My best friend Debbie used to sell Avon too and stopped because she was just mainly getting things for herself lol. I find it hard to read anymore too, but make time – especially with trying to get this blog off its legs more.

    • MelissaSayWhat

      I did the same thing with Avon. I amassed quite a large collection of polishes through them, by getting deals at stores, my subscription to Julep (which I need to cancel because I haven’t been wearing nail polish) and blog opps! Fortunately, my beau paints my nails for me. He is the bomb!

  • Rose Powell

    I feel like I’m on the late train, I just purchased the drawer organizer for my make up after seeing it on a show that I watch and I thought to myself, now why in the world have I never though to purchase it. I love it! Makes everything so much easier. I love your love of eye make up and I LOVE the color pots on the top they say fabulista!

  • I feel the need to reorganize my beauty products again and get something different. I have a few items on my Amazon wish list to try in the near future.

    • MelissaSayWhat

      I did a little bit of this about 2 weeks ago. Then I found a whole basket full of MORE makeup and beauty products that I have to sort through soon. I got two train cases from Walmart, though I’m sure they’re available at Amazon, for less than $25 each. They really help consolidate!

      • I like mine “out” so train cases haven’t ever worked for me well. I love the looks of them and all but too hidden lol

  • MelissaSayWhat

    I have a LOT of makeup and I’d love to hoard board games. At least your collections are things you can use!

    • so true – I could collect totally useless things that just take up space and dust