All About Me Friday–Say My Name, Say My Name

So now exactly my name, but today’s prompt is asking the meaning behind my blog’s name.  There isn’t a huge story behind it, but here we go!

I have had some kind of blog/journal online for as long as I can remember.  Mostly it was a personal place to jot out thoughts and get comments, get myself out there.  As I have said time and time again I am very quiet in person, until I spend lots of time around you and am completely comfortable.  So online has always been the place where I can be outspoken and brave and bold.  I have met many a friend online and all my past boyfriends (which isn’t many) and including my husband!

Being as quiet as I am in person, I find it hard to feel confident and put myself out there for a real outside job.  I had watched kids in  our home for a long time, but when we moved we decided we didn’t want to deal with that drama again, ever.  I applied to a few places over the years in hopes of finding something I could comfortable do, with no avail.  I had always done something online to earn a bit of extra money and things, surveys and point sites, etc. 
It wasn’t until a couple years ago when I was starting to realize that I could actually earn some good money by blogging about things for review.  I was shocked and thought I could totally do this!!  So here I was in search of a blog name that could be included for just about everything and I was stuck.  What could I name my blog so that I could go anywhere and not be set into one frame of mind.

I asked my friend Kristin and she very simply came up with Angie’s Angle.  The more I rolled it across the tongue the more I liked it.  I have always been big on giving my full and honest opinion on everything big or small.  Plus I have always loved including various pictures with my reviews.  Hence getting the angle in all forms from me, Angie.  Here we have many years later Angie’s Angle, with my own domain, and I still love it.  It allows me to grow in many different directions and include things about me and still be in the realm of my name.

Above are three of my previous headers for my blog, all three of these were made by me.  Not perfect, but its fun to look back on the history of my headers.

There you have it, the meaning behind my name and a bit of background with it. 
Angie - Angie's Angle
What’s the meaning behind your blog name? Or if you don’t have one, what would you call it do you think?