500+ FB Likes Appreciation #Giveaway Ends 4/5 at 7p.m. (PST)

I finally reached 500+ likes on my facebook page for my blog.  I stated that once I did reach the 500 mark I’d get a special giveaway going to celebrate it. 

Here we are with the special giveaway, just because I love my readers, and I admit I love giving stuff away.  I’m a giver.

The purse is something I received quite awhile back from a twitter party, and it just isn’t my style.  So has been sitting here all lonely.  I had it in the goodwill box, but pulled it out and thought  a giveaway for it would be super fun.

So  you are getting the purse, wallet, & filled with things that are fitting to be inside a purse!

How fun, right?

Appreciation Giveaway
Open to USA & Canada this time around, since its from little ole’ me only!

Just fill out the Giveaway Tools below to be entered.

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  • Katie

    Good places for vacationing with kids.

  • Heather

    Couponing and saving money!

  • Rose Powell

    I’d love to see more beauty post, share that make up lady!!!

  • Thanks Katie – I don’t have kids so don’t tend to find things like that, but will make a point to find some good ones to share!

  • Thanks Heather for the tip!

  • haha I’ll try Rose 😉

  • debbie jackson

    i would like more houseware reviews and common core curriculum.

  • Carrie

    Fun product reviews

  • Nori Sciambi

    I’d like to see craft/receipe posts!

  • Thanks Nori! I have been trying to do more recipes, but I am very rarely crafty!

  • Oh that is an easy and fun one Carrie 🙂

  • Thanks, Debbie!

  • Debbie Gibson

    I don’t remember if you have done this one, but maybe one on the many ways you earn from home.

  • julie matek

    I’d like to see easy, healthy recipe topics:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  • Rose Powell

    Love your recipe posts, I’d personally like to do more and see more. Maybe we can collaborate some how 🙂

  • I did one a long time ago and just took the tab off the top linking to it. I’ll find that one for you and post it and I’ll try and do an updated one down the line!

  • Its my hope that most Tuesdays will have that 🙂 Thank you Julie!

  • That would be excellent Rose. I love doing my Healthy Tuesday posts with some kind of recipe. I need to do more of them.

  • Rose Powell

    Do you know what you’re cooking up next week?

  • I don’t – we haven’t really done any super healthy recipes this week, or at least that I remembered to take pics of. I like to do ones that we get out of the cookbooks and not the ones we use from Pinterest.

  • Laura Harris

    There are so many ways to earn money/gift cards thru surveys..I don’t know which one is legit or a waste of time or a scam!

  • strangedaze

    I love discovering new recipes, health and beauty tips, interesting photos!

  • Rose Powell

    I’m going to have to think of something this weekend, I too miss my “Tasty Tuesdays”!

  • Heather

    I love new product reviews, especially for household stuff.

  • Roe Clark

    love to read anything new & exciting…recipes…freebies…diy….love to read different posts 🙂

  • Nicollet Z.

    Some topics I would like to see at Angie’s Angle is any interesting articles you see in magazines.

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Hi & Congratulations! I would like to see posts on easy decorating or diy decorating. Thank-you!

  • Heather

    I love seeing freebies and good deals!

  • Ray Ray Cartucci

    Hey,would love to see more personal stories and GIVEAWAYS!!! Love the purse…..I want it!!!!THANKS SO MUCH!

  • I love doing giveaways – so that is easy lol And personal I am getting more and more of that! Thanks Ray Ray!

  • Thanks Natalie – those would probably need to be guest posts, but should be easy enough to acquire, thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks Nicollet – those could be fun to share!

  • I love variety too Roe! Which I think kind of shows lol

  • Thanks Heather – I love doing reviews of all kinds!

  • I love taking photos! Excellent things you’d love to see more of! Thanks strangedaze

  • Laura, I did one earlier on it – I should do an update one soon! Here is the earlier one – http://www.angiesangle.com/2012/02/earningproduct-testing-sites-i-do.html

  • strangedaze

    Of course, I love to see giveaways and new product reviews to know if things are worth trying. Also, like blog hops. (strangedaze – I think I put my name in the GT – debra p)

  • dor

    Topics on skin care and new bath products.

  • Love doing skin care reviews/topics – thanks Doreen!

  • Heather

    I like easy, family friendly recipes that are easy on the pocket book too. (is that too much to ask? 😉 )

  • hehe Not too much to ask for at all heather!

  • Heather

    I love book reviews! I read whenever I can and love to hear about new and GREAT books!

  • I am not great at those, but I keep doing them because I figure the more I do them the better I’ll get it. We shall see though 😉

  • strangedaze

    I love hearing about the tv season and also to read reviews of entertainment.

  • Heather

    I would love to see the reviews for your Influenster and Smiley 360 products. Are you also a BzzAgent? I get such good stuff from them!

  • You’re awesome Heather!! Love all the topics you keep thinking of. And yes I do all three and do blog posts when I can on them 🙂

  • I need to do more tv show stuff, lord knows I watch enough of them! lol
    Love all your ideas too Debra!

  • strangedaze

    i don’t know if you like to do vlogs, but I actually love watching them whether for new products or how-tos. Another fun thing is lists of likes – I know you do that, but I love those random posts of favorite things!

  • strangedaze

    Same here! I need to do more and I watch too many lol.

  • Danielle jones

    I would like to see some cheap or free things to do this summer. Like maybe outdoor games or crafts that you can do with the kids. Can you tell i’m sick of cold weather!!

  • Maybe I can link up with other bloggers to give some fun links for things like that! Thanks Danielle!

  • I don’t do vlogs – lol I love them, but I am just not video happy 😉
    Lists are great! I hope to throw in some more here and there with randoms – random is GREAT!

  • strangedaze

    I feel the same way with vlogs!

  • strangedaze

    I love articles on subjects that are meaningful to you or reading your take on things! I also love product reviews and giveaways and discovering something new to try.

  • Debbie Gibson

    maybe a post on the things you have found that worked to help keep our fur babies pest free.

  • That could be a good one, especially with the warm season starting! Thanks Debbie 🙂

  • Excellent choices again my dear!! <3

  • Christine Tolhurst

    I would like to see some date idea on here. You seem to always be having fun 🙂

  • Great idea Christine, I could probably think of a simple few!

  • Shauna Lynn

    I love your pictures! All money saving posts with pictures would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks Shauna!! 🙂

  • I’ll have to put on my thinking cap 🙂 Thanks Andrea!

  • Cynthia Jurca

    What a great giveaway. thanks I shared on Facebook twitter and G+

  • strangedaze

    I actually love seeing collections of great quotes or humor! And of course a Wordless Wednesday pic that is special.

  • Thanks dear 🙂 Love all your excellent ideas!

  • Thanks for sharing Cynthia!!

  • Heather

    I also like holiday crafts! I like to see what everyone is doing for the holidays!

  • strangedaze

    I love craft projects because I am not that crafty myself 😉 so I love to learn. I love Blog Hops and food and jewelry giveaways.

  • food and jewelry ones could be fun!

  • I am so not crafty, for the most part, so would need help from others on that one 😉

  • strangedaze

    I’d love to see any health and beauty tips and any fun ways to make some extra money. I’m sure everyone could use that ;).

  • Debbie Gibson

    I really like all your posts,but maybe a post on your favorite places to visit here in the NW.

  • Thanks Debbie, what a fun idea!!

  • Great ideas!!


    I love all of your posts and seriously can’t think of anything!! Oh, I am planning a trip to Jacksonville, FL this summer. What are some good tourist attractions. It’s a family affair and we like museums, ets. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much Ava. Sadly since I don’t live near Jacksonville, FL that might be kind of hard, but I could do some research and see what I come up with 🙂

  • Teresa Zetwick

    Thanks for the reminder! Getting in at the last minute from the computer 🙂

  • Teresa Zetwick

    Some topics I would like to see are: Bucket List! And Travel bucket list… and maybe…. good gift ideas for guys, cause that’s always hard. And Cool stuff you found on the internet.

  • Teresa Zetwick

    My husband went there and not far away is St. Augustine, FL and he says it’s TOTALLY worth the trip!!! Also, he went to the Jacksonville Zoo and enjoyed it. Got stalked by a lioness. And finally, he said that the Mellow Mushroom pizza place is awesome.

  • Teresa Zetwick

    they should include difficulty ratings. lol Cause I often over estimate my abilities. lol

  • Ocie Johnson

    I like to see great internet shopping deals. Otherwise I really enjoy your topics, you cover what I am most interested in.

  • Thanks Ocie, will keep my eye out for more deals!

  • Oh a bucket list could be totally fun!! – of various forms!

  • 🙂 I am glad you got in in time