Finish This…Week #10

This week’s prompts made me giggle some, just reading them.

Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Airzona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along!

1.  My boobs are…
small.  I hate that I so rarely can achieve an actual cleavage.  I need a REALLY good bra to do that.  I love the Victoria Secret bra that helped get me up two cup sizes, I don’t recall what they called it, but it was amazing!

2.  My heart is…
is big, but also fragile.  I open my heart freely, but some end up disappointing me.  I love to give.

Emily's 30th Birthday goodies

3.  One thing every woman should know…
is how to change a tire & drive a stick shift.  Neither do I personally know how to do, yet I know its something that every single woman should know how to do.  I need to learn both. 

4.  My breakfast typically consists of…
coffee.  That is it usually.  I am really trying to get better about eating something in the mornings, I know I don’t eat enough, but I have a hard time.  Breakfast and I just don’t agree with each other.

My Coffee fixings

5.  I am so glad I learned the secret to…
applying makeup.  While I may not be perfect at all, I think I do fairly well since I am fully self taught, no one else in my family wears makeup, but me.  I love makeup!

Eyes Closed with BA Star

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