Makeup Monday–My Makeup Routine

I love makeup.  Love it.  I think this has been said time and time again in many forms on this blog, but I just can’t state it enough.  I love makeup, and I love experimenting with makeup.  You never know if you are going to like something on until you play with it and see what it looks like.

Not to say that I don’t have a set routine that I do on most days though when I put my makeup on.  I thought a fun thing to do would be to introduce you to my regular routine/products.

Routine of my Makeup - The whole set up
My makeup routine is very basic on most days.  I don’t wear it everyday, because half of the time I don’t even get out of my pj’s.  Therefore, I don’t feel the need to put my face on either without getting dressed. 

After I wash my face and put on my moisturizer and maybe some acne product if I feel the need I start in on putting together my face and as I say Putting My Face On.

Routine of my Makeup - Primer for my Face

Face Primer – depending on how my skin is looking and what kind of cover-up I’ll be putting on I choose my primer from the ones pictured above.  I make sure to get my neck as well as my face while applying to soothe out my skin and make it look even and smooth.

Routine of my Makeup - Face CoverUp

Cover-up – I need some kind of cover-up, ALWAYS.  My face is just gross and uneven and full of either new or old acne.  I just don’t like my skin.  So again choosing some kind of cover-up again depends on what I am doing for the day and how my skin is looking that day.

Routine of my Makeup - Primer for Eyelids

Eyelid Primer – A few years back I landed on this thing called eye shadow primer and I fell in love and now will no longer apply eye shadow first without applying some primer.  My favorite is the urban decay.  I had heard good things about the Too Faced, but am not a huge fan of it personally.

Routine of my Makeup - Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow – then comes the fun to pick out which eye shadow combos I want to do that day.  I apply to my eye lid, my crease and then my upper lid.  After all three layers are done, I take a bigger brush and kind of blend them together a tiny bit.

Routine of my Makeup - Eyeliner

Eye Liner – is my next step.  I usually use black or brown, but sometimes I use a splash of different colors if I am feeling it.  I usually use stick eyeliners, but I am beginning to love the drawing my own line with jar eye liners.

Routine of my Makeup - Mascara

Mascara – is my final step always.  I choose which one I am feeling that day and apply a couple swoops to my eyes.  Upper and lower lashes.

Those are my basic everyday steps.  I usually do some kind of lip gloss or chapstick.  And sometimes I add in a bit of loose powder on my t-zone, again totally depending on how I am looking and what I’ll be doing.

As you can tell though, I totally like variety.  It’s the spice of life!

What kind of routine do you usually have on your makeup?

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  • You have so much fun makeup! I love it! 🙂

  • Thanks Susannah! I need to figure out a new way to organize it all soon!

  • aprilaakre

    I love the variety of makeup you have. I love makeup too. I have several primers but I usually forget to use them. I start with moisturizer, I let it soak into my skin. Then I put on foundation, loose powder, eyeshadow, mascrara, blush and then I use lip gloss. I need to be using more than one eye shadow like you do that is a great idea to get more color. I just organized one drawer today that had my brushes and some of my makeup. I need to organize the rest tomorrow so I can see what I have easier

  • Makeup is just so fun! I just never got into blush, weirdly. Yes more then one eye shadow is a MUST!

  • Rose Powell

    Well I love that you have a variety of things for different needs on different days, I definitely don’t feel TOO bad. I like to try different products but find that I return to my loves more often than not. My routine consists of facial cleanse, tone and moisturize. I then use cover up, under and around my eyes and a little on my t-zone area. Then I cover my face with a bit of powder or multi-toned bronzer. I’m pale so I like the added color and glow it adds to my face. Then I add a little blush (I didn’t always used to use blush until I met my long time Mary Kay Consultant and she gave me a WHOLE face look, blush has been my best friend ever since I LEARNED to apply it), I go back and do my eyes, I use eye shadow just under my brow, then my eye lid, then my crease and then from the crease to the brow and I blend a little. Lastly, I add a lot of mascara. I have a variety, I LOVE COLORED mascaras, my favorite is

    mark Lash All You Want High Volume Mascara in wine, I just can’t get enough! I also love the mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette, it works well as a eye shadow or nice as a highlighter on your cheeks, I’ve even used it on my lips! I dab either some gloss, lipstick (if its important) or some tinted lip balm on my lips and go. I rarely use eye liners, but love the bronze and metallic type when I do.

    This was so fun, you’ve inspired me Angie! I rarely get to wear makeup, as sometimes I don’t get out of my pjs too. But I might have to just go and play with it now LOL!

  • I love your replies Rose 🙂
    My eye look undone if I don’t apply my eyeliner, way to funny!

  • Rose Powell

    Where do you apply it? Top lid, under eye?

  • Top lid ALWAYS, under eye only here and there anymore. Used to be both.

  • Rose Powell

    I love your posts Angie! I haven’t done any personal ones in a while, any suggestions for me?

  • I am not sure. I know personal posts are way fun. There is the all about me Friday prompts I have been doing. – then click on the image to see it bigger.

  • Rose Powell

    Every time I see this post, I just fall in love with the pictures, I guess I really do love make up too! Plus I love the angles (lol) on them!

  • I am quite happy with how the photos turned out too. Pretty good for getting the pictures right when the idea hit me after taking my shower.

  • I loooove your choices, ours are so similar. I wish I were a little more creative with my eyeliner. I love your assortment!

  • I am a little bit to addicted to eye makeup – whatever kind lol