Wordless Wednesday–Spring is in the Air

With the first fully nice weekend comes massive yard work to make our yard actually look nice and be able to enjoy our time in it and around it.
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  • You guys already busted out the mower! We’ve been doing little things the past couple of weekends that the weather cooperated and our yard is finally starting to green up. We’ll probably have to mow in the next week or so. I just hope Mother Nature will help us out!

  • Awww look at Roxy helping with the stick!!

  • haha She really isn’t, its a photo trick – she was standing back in her corner on her way to go bark at someone/something towards the front yard.

  • The main front yard hasn’t been touched yet with it, but yet he just decided he was going to mulch up some of the twigs and branches so that we didn’t have this HUGE pile of them to pick up.

  • She loves it out there. She was more then ready to come in though by the time we were done.

  • Elisebet F

    It looks gorgeous out! We had a couple of nice days last week, but then the temps dropped almost 40 degrees, boooo 🙁

  • Ours only lasted a small number of days too. So don’t feel too bad – its now rainy and chilly. boo!

  • Hahahaha girl after my own heart!

  • Maggie C

    Ugh, yardwork! Don’t miss that one bit. LOL

  • I usually don’t mind it, its just we have such a mass of a yard that the previous people had people that came in weekly and we just won’t/can’t do that. So we plan to get rid of a lot that its just too much for us.