32 Things That Make Me Happy!

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I ran across this link-up just a bit ago while trying to play catch up on everything and I just had to play.  Listing out 32 things that just make me happy.  Wanna play along?  Click on the picture and found out how and how to link up!  Thanks to Erin & Sarah for thinking of such a fun link-up!

Our Hike & Walk on Beacon Rock, WA (5)

  1. Clean Sheets
  2. Jason
  3. Random Texts, FB messages/wall writings
  4. Surprises
  5. Happy Hours
  6. Sunsets
  7. The Ocean
  8. Roxy
  9. Puppy Kisses and Cuddles
  10. Watermelon
  11. Reading
  12. Games (video, board, card)
  13. Bubble Baths
  14. Teresa, Debbie & Kris
  15. My Morning Coffee
  16. Shopping
  17. Taking Photos
  18. Shane making me special drinks
  19. Nachos
  20. Seeing my page & unique views go up on my blog
  21. Warm Cozy Blankets
  22. Sitting outside in the warm sunshine and reading
  23. Traveling
  24. People taking the time and effort to get to know me
  25. The Flintstones
  26. Group Vacations
  27. Hiking
  28. Down Comforters
  29. Giving Gifts
  30. Tulips
  31. Finally wearing tank tops when warm weather hits
  32. Pulling on that nice comfortable cozy sweatshirt when the fall temps make their way in

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Tuesday Walk & Beach at Devil's Churn (80)

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