Mother’s Day with Amazon

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I am an Amazon

Mother’s Day is coming and Amazon is the perfect place to get some amazing gifts for your Mom.  Or even for yourself, who are we kidding.

I am not “exactly” a mother, but I am a fur baby Mommy and Jason tries to make sure that I am acknowledged with being a Mom.  How sweet, right? 

I love the variety of Amazon, and the deals you can find.  Right now they are running some specials just for Mother’s Day.  I’ll highlight some of the best deals below.

See how great some of those deals are?  If I wasn’t on a strict budget right now I’d be grabbing a few of them myself.

My best friend Teresa and I have talked before about some of the weird gift items we actually requested as gifts and people look at us like we are weirdo’s and why would we like that as a gift?  But hello, its something we want/need why wouldn’t we request it.  Who cares if it’s a household item or something we use to do chores.  Examples are below to odd things we tend to request as gifts.

What a weird combo ‘huh’?  But I tell you I’d be tickled pink if I got anyone of those items above.

Do you request things that people look at you like you have lost your marbles?

Do you give gifts that are like the ones above?  I’d love to hear them.

What about Mother’s Day itself?  Do you have any ideas on what you are getting or what you are giving this year?

What about these as sparks of ideas?

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