All About Me Friday–Favorite Childhood Books

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Childhood Favorite Books
Having always been a major bookworm today’s prompt is rather fitting to me.  I’ve always been surround by books.  I love books and can’t imagine them not being such a huge part of me and who I am.

That being said, I couldn’t just narrow it down to just ONE book that I adored in my childhood.  Instead, you’ll get quite a few of those that I just loved and had my Mom read to me over and over and over again.  Then I plan to dip a bit in my older years as well to be round and right.

Mr. Men and Little Miss Books

The first one that popped into my head was the Mr. Men and Little Miss Books.  They were amazingly great.  I had the whole set of them and I swear they got more look time then most of my  other books.  They were short and sweet, but had so much character behind them. On adventures with Miss Sunshine or Mr. Tickle with many others and fitting characters.

Be My Valentine Charlie Brown

Next on my list was Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.  I had to picture the exact one I used to have, but linked to the one available now.  I remember reading and re-reading this book time and time again.  I loved the graphics in this book and the way it felt in my hands.  Loved the Peanut characters.

Little Golden Books – The Poky Little Puppy

Of course I can’t forget about the Little Golden Books.  I loved them all, but the one of course that I loved the most was The Poky Little Puppy.  I guess I’ve always loved little dogs.  What adventures this little guy got into.  Always was able to make me smile and keep me guessing even if I knew the outcome already.  I remember Tootle as well, what a cute little train full of courage and want. 
As I got older the following books grabbed me and pulled me in for a ride:
So those were a bit chunk of books that took up my childhood.
What are some of your childhood book loves?  I’d love to hear all about them!

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