Finish This…Week #18

I have missed a few weeks of Finish This and I don’t like that, so I am going to try and get on top of it and not skip anymore weeks. 

Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Airzona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along!

1.  I feel an adrenaline rush when…
We go hiking and get to the top.  Its so beautiful and can’t believe we made it.  I am just as excited and rushed to head back down though!  Hiking itself is such a freeing lovely feeling, being in the nature and using your body to travel.

Our Hike & Walk on Beacon Rock, WA (105)
2.  I feel energized when…
Things are going my way.  I am getting lots done and things are still running along smoothly.

3.  I feel small when…
I’m in a BIG crowd.  I HATE crowds, they make feel like I am in this tiny box and no one should invade my space.  I also feel small when I am actually for once saying something and no one listens.

4.  I feel big when…
I get offers from companies asking me to work with them.  They take the time to seek me out and when they actually have read my blog!

5.  I feel indestructible when…
Similar to when I feel energized – when everything is just going smoothly and I am striking things off my to-do lists.  Nothing can stop my streak!

6.  I feel stupid when…
I am just sitting here and looking at the computer screen.  I am not getting my blog posts done that need to be done or my survey emails.  I just don’t have the attention span for anything.  I feel so stupid and lazy when I get like that.  It drives me NUTS. 

7.  I feel smart when…
Something that I have been trying to figure out finally clicks or the rare case when it clicks right away the first time I try.  I feel brilliant and think oh I so get this!  I can do this.

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  • nmhutchison

    Welcome back, Angie, I missed you! Big HIGH FIVE for blog success and working with various companies, that’s exciting and great opportunities for you. I’m doing well to host this link up week after week. HA! I have a to-do list right now but I’m not feeling motivated to do any of it, I need to change that. ASAP. xo, Nicole (co-host)

  • How awesome that you are working with big companies! I hope I can do that someday! And I’m not a crowd-lover either! 🙂

  • aprilaakre

    I have a lot of days where I just can’t focus when I have blog stuff to do. Then I just zone out to TV or Facebook and that is not good. You are doing a great job on your blog

  • Jeannie Clemens

    When I get to the top of a hike I feel winded and excited that it’s all downhill on the return trip. 🙂

  • Yes, am so thankful quite often that the trip down is all downhill lol

  • I can’t focus quite often myself. I wander onto facebook and if I am feeling really unfocused, like today, I get super chatty on FB. You know I am having an off day when you see a billion status updates from me lol

    And thank you dear!!

  • Thank you Amber, I am excited – there are several I still want to get, but it’ll take time and effort 🙂

    Crowds are just NOT okay lol

  • Thank you Nicole!!! I missed doing it, so much.

  • Debbie Gibson

    I’m completely with you on #3

  • Tis why we get along so well 😉 Or one of the small reasons why

  • Debbie Gibson


  • love getting awesome blogging offers from companies too 🙂 and hope to do more hiking this summer!

  • I hope we can do more this coming spring/summer as well. Here is hoping!