Wife 2 Wife–Spouse Take Over Questions

Kelly & Cheltee started up this fun link up for each month and this is the first one EVER.  It’s for Wife’s.  Every Wednesday at the end of each month will be a new theme to answer.  Being the first one its all about the spouses answering the questions!

1} What first attracted you to your wife?
Magnets was answered after much I don’t know, do I have a wife..etc…etc – –  Pretty smile.

2} After a long day what does your wife do that helps you relax/remind you that she loves you?
Walks on my back.

3} What is your favorite thing to do with your wife? 
*he laughed and laughed at this one* – Laugh

Life means Laughter

4} What is something your wife does or doesn’t do that you want her to do more of?
*laughs again* – Massage my back and cook.

5} If you could compare your love story to any book or movie, what would it be and why?
Never-ending Story – because its still being written

6} Where would you go if you could have another honeymoon?
New Orleans or Hawaii

Marriage Happiness

FYI – this short little answers took FOREVER to pull out of him.  But he was a trooper and answered them all, in his words.  Leaving out some of the babble and teasing and weirdness. 

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