Catch the Moment 365 2014 – Week 23

Catch the Moment 365 2014 was the idea of Mindi of Simply Stavish, Sarah of Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming are our wonderful hosts and are guiding us through this journey through this Facebook Group.  If you are interested in joining along just check out one or all their pages and join the facebook group, Or you can click the button on my right side panel. Feel free to join up at any time in the year and see what you can do!

Day 155 - But Daddy!Day 155 – BUT DADDY!! – – haha Roxy really wanted the cupcake things we made with this post.  She loved the way they smelled, but they were chocolate so they were a no-no for her, but that didn’t stop her from keeping trying to get the nums!

Day 156 - My pet BirdDay 156 – This little bird was just sitting out talking away to me as I was sitting in my chair to read, so I had to snap a pic of him with my camera phone since my regular camera was in the house and I knew if I went back in to get it he’d fly away on me.

Day 157 - Squirrel munching on a StrawberryDay 157 – My squirrel friend out in the backyard.  Roxy kept barking and we couldn’t figure out what was she barking and growling at.  This little guy was going up and down our stump of a tree and I caught him munching away on the yummy strawberries below.  We have no idea where the strawberry plants came from and I couldn’t resist how cute this shot was!

Day 158 - Roxy Outside June 7th (1)Day 158 – My beautiful girl out playing in the yard.

Day 159 - Outside ReadingDay 159 – Outside reading and relaxing in our chairs when we should have been doing yard work, but Jason had a horrible stiff neck all weekend so even the best laid plans get sidelined for owies!

Day 160 - My treatDay 160 – I am not big on desserts, but my favorite indulgence is vanilla ice cream with magic shell.  Yum!

Day 161 - MedsDay 161 – Days of neck pain along with a very hard night of rest the night before with a spike in temperature leads yourself into the urgent care, which we never ever go.  This was the result, a muscle relaxer=a neck strain.  Pills are helping thank goodness, but he still isn’t better.  Hopefully soon.

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