Life Update – When Life Throws You Rocks

Life Update - Swollen Foot

Life Update – Throwing out some Curve Balls

Throwing out the Life Update like life throwing us out the curve balls.  I know I have been quieter then normal the last month or maybe even more, though I’d do a bit of an update to let you all know what is going on in my life.

I wish I could tell you we had a wonderful amazing June full of memories…

I don’t even know where to start exactly.

I guess I’ll start with Jason’s neck strain.  He woke up Saturday morning, the 7th of June, with a very stiff neck; we figured that he probably just slept funny or did a weird move in soccer the night before.  The whole weekend he had a stiff neck and nothing was helping.  He went to work Monday and painted, probably the worst thing he could have done, and Monday night neither of us slept well cause he was in so much pain and couldn’t find a comfortable spot to fall asleep in.  He stayed home Tuesday from work or came home early, I don’t recall which.  Later we in the late afternoon, early evening, we take his temp and it was high, we took it twice to make sure and so decided we better go into Urgent Care and make sure its not something else.  We never go in FYI.  

They didn’t see anything else and by the time we were in the office his temp was normal again.  She could feel it was REALLY tight on the area that his neck hurt in.  So she said he had a neck strain and gave him some muscle relaxer to hopefully help ease it.  Thankfully that did the trick and kicked in fairly quickly after we got home and took it.  Since he was on muscle relaxers, it was recommended he didn’t drive at first.  I had to drive him into work to set up a training session and then we came back home on Wednesday.  Thankfully by Thursday he was feeling okay to drive and it seemed to be loosing fully.  He really wanted to play soccer Friday night and I am like NO.  

He was back at it the following Wednesday.  Picture below NOT of that Wednesday, just one I had on hand to share.

Jason at Indoor Soccer

We get through that yuck.

Then Jason is all stressed out to finish turning the apartments, me not knowing at the time, he was trying to take a week vacation for our anniversary.  He gets the week vacation and we spend our anniversary doing things around the house.  I started deep cleaning the kitchen and Jason worked some in our jungle of a yard.

I did get this cute flowers from Jason for our anniversary though!

Anniversary Flowers

Monday we take a drive around to find somewhere to hike.  We didn’t find anywhere so just drove around, which was just as enjoyable, but not what we had planned.

Tuesday evening I am finally getting the rest of the cleaning I wanted to do and am moving along happily and am in my groove again when slam.  I fall from the top stoop heading down our basement stairs while going over to clean the other window leading down to the basement.  I had the vacuum sitting there to finishing vacuuming the stairs down.  So I stepped funny around it and just fell.  

I am not sure what exactly happened, but I couldn’t get up and couldn’t walk on my right foot. Jason gets me back to the couch and my leg up and we notice oh yay I have a huge swelling on the side/top of my foot now.

Life Update - Swollen Foot


So there went cleaning, doing anything fun, or even grocery shopping for the rest of the week.  I could walk on it by the evening, it hurt a tad bit but not much.  But I made it swell more by walking on, so I got yelled at by Jason to just sit!  

That week we had my Mom and her boyfriend coming to stay with us for a night so we needed to finish cleaning and get the groceries.  Just blah!  

That was our crappy June.  With other little crappy stuff thrown in.  Stress, worry.  You name it.

I am trying to get back in the groove here and I am getting there I think.

Did ya all notice a difference in my blog design?  I finally made the move to with my own hosting.  BIG HUGE steps for me.  

I am going to try and take big giant leaps.

How was your June?