What to do when you feel lost?

Full Tree

For awhile now I have just felt lost and not right.  I am not sure why I have felt so lost, but I have.

Today is especially hard for me for some reason.

I feel alone. I feel sad.  I feel useless.  I just feel broken.

I am just in a funk that I am having a hard time getting out of.

I suppose with our horrible June it didn’t help matters and I am still having issues with my foot.

Jason is still under a bit of stress, which doesn’t help my stress of course.

I just feel blah.

I think we need a real vacation, away from everything for a few full days of not the normal without real worrying.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.

I need mountains or oceans, fresh air and friends.  Life, love, laughter.

Puffy Clouds

I don’t even know fully what to say with this post, I just wanted to get it out there some.  Maybe it’ll help me feel a bit more normal again.

How do you get out of your funks?



  • Joanne Wooden Hamel

    Awww Angie…I don’t like to hear that you are sad and in a funk… I know what that feels like and I spent many years feeling that way… This will sound cheesy…but it’s really just a matter of deciding to be happy…look out your window…pick something you see…a tree…a rock…a bird…and smile at it… Just using those muscles will begin to change how you feel… Focus not on what’s wrong…but what’s right… acknowledge the soft breeze blowing over your skin… drink in the aroma of someone bbq-ing or fresh brewed coffee… Close your eyes and run your fingers through Roxy’s fur… Look in the mirror…make a face and then laugh at yourself… Sometimes there are deep reasons to be sad…sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a reason…when the latter happens…make the decision to be happy…say and do what happy people do…smile, laugh, dance…and it will wake up your happy hormones… Hugs to you!!! You are loved!!! 😀

  • Teresa Zetwick

    Dang it! It deleted my response when I logged in. I’ll type again from the computer 🙁 but you’re not alone.

  • Sweet Silly Sara

    Angie I feel like you are telling parts of my June… from the funk and feeling lost to the sore foot. Here is a huge virtual hug in hopes that things start feeling right for you again soon!

  • aprilaakre

    I am so sorry that you feel alone and sad. I stay home with the kids there are days that are bad like yours where I just dont feel like doing anything and sort of depressed. If it is a nice day out I go outside and sit in the sun and read. Also try to remember all of the good things/people you have in your life. Hopefully that will lift your spirits. I know we havent met in person but I think you are a great and kind person. Take Care

  • Rose Powell

    I think that this is natural sometimes, we just get in a mood and we need a release. This happens to me and I just want to curl up in a ball and cry, and I do, then I zone out on some girly movies (that make me cry), treat myself to something yummy, do a bit of writing and then I’m a ok. Most of the time. I’m sorry you’re going through it now. Keeping you in my thoughts!

  • Teresa Zetwick

    I think this is going around right now. I’ve been feeling it a lot and not very happy with how everything is going. And I think the state of the world right now is definitely not helping! Just a lot of uncertainty and I wish I had more of a plan for the future or some kind of feeling like I’ll accomplish more… I hope it turns around for all of us.

  • I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I’m sending up a prayer for you!

  • ugh sorry you’re feeling this way! when i get in these funks, i try to do something fun that makes me happy, like binge watching a tv show, buying something (within reason) that i want but don’t need, get a manicure, etc. it doesn’t fix the problem, but treating yourself nice is a good boost.

  • Tiffany Cutcliff

    I so feel you! I get in ruts like this a lot. I hate when it happens, but it does! I hope you were able to find a way to feel renewed!