Finish This…Week #31

Angie high school senior

I almost skipped this week of Finish This because the questions I didn’t have full answers too, but I said NO I already missed enough of these and I am not going to skip just because the questions weren’t right up my alley.

Finish This wouldn’t be such a success without the following beautiful ladies – Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along!

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Finish This…Week #31 Prompts:

If I went back to school, I would study…
I’d probably either go into business classes, so I could run my dream lodge OR I’d just go back into doing the office assistant program or along those lines and have more background that way to actually get a job in that field if I wanted.  I do wish I had at least finished the program, that dang internship though; scared the crap out of me and made me change to child development.

My favorite subject in school…
Choir!  I’d love choir, but that isn’t exactly a subject is it?  I’d have to say history was probably my favorite then.  Especially so when we’d do local/Pacific Northwest studying.

I wish I had paid more attention…
To other people.  I think if I had put myself out there a bit more, the reaction I might have gotten might have completely surprised me.  I think I missed out on some amazing friendships and enjoyment by being in my own little nutshell.

The dumbest thing I did in high school was…
Similar to above, being in my own little nutshell and not putting myself out there to explore more.  To allow myself more of the chance to get to know others and branch myself out more.

In high school, I thought I knew…
Nothing?  haha – I am horrible at remembering most of school.  People will ask me now, remember this and this and I’ll look at them like they are talking from another planet and I would have been there when it happened.  A lot probably of that in my own little world and not paying enough attention, which I probably should have.

Angie high school senior