Finish This Week #38

Always Say I Love You

It’s my Birthday!!  Which means I may or may not be around.  Which is why I am writing this up on Saturday evening.  Happy Birthday to me!  Care to still seem my lists of Birthday Wishes?

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1.  My relationships thrive because…
I try and let them know that I am thinking of them.  Even if we can’t spend actual together as often as we would like, weather it be distance or just airhead loner (Debbie, I am looking at you lol).  I always try and touch base with them.  A text, a random message on facebook, a little card in the mail, a little gift in the mail.  You get the idea, I just like to do little reminders that they are on my mind and I love them.  

I’d like to think that is why I have had such long standing relationships.  I have to admit though if I don’t get those kind of little reminders back in some kind, then I’ll just stop and won’t make such an effort anymore.

Kris and I - Friends and Sisters Forever

2.  My favorite piece of advice…
I don’t know if this is really advice or what exactly it is called, but I’ve always believed and heard it somewhere a long time ago – ALWAYS tell people that you love that you love them whenever you can because you just never know what might happen.  I’m very open about telling you I love you if I love you.  I never want to hide just how much you are in my heart and soul.

Always Say I Love You

3.  My worst habit…
I am not 100% sure.  I’ll probably have to go with my OCD nature.  Things just have to be done my way or I’ll just bitch and do them my way if you don’t do them how I tell you too. Kitchen has to be cleaned up before we sit down and relax for the evening.  I get annoyed if Jason tells me he’ll clean up, but just sits there and sits there as the evening wears on. Come on already, just get it done!