3 Things That Annoy Me – Roxy

Things That Annoy Me - Roxy

Roxy here!

Mommy said it was time again to give you my puppy insight.  She said its been to long since you sat down and wrote down a post for the blog.  I said okay Mommy!  What do you want me to type about?  She told me, Things that Annoy you!  Oh boy I thought, I can do that one!

It was pretty easy for me to think up in my little head the three things that annoy me right now.  Most of them are things that have annoyed me for as long as I can remember, one is a new annoyance that I just can’t get over.

My Mommy said there is no reason for my annoyance, but I am hoping that others feel the way I do – I won’t feel so ashamed admitting them out to you all.

Things That Annoy Me - Roxy

1.  Flying Bugs in my Home

I can not stand bugs, flying bugs, in my house.  They drive me nuts.  I try to hunt them out and kill them but when that fails I must go outside and get away from these annoying creatures.  Even after Mommy or Daddy tell me they have killed them or they went outside I am still cautious until I deem there is no more flying bugs around in my home.

These things like to fly around the lights and swarm around and even if they are silent I know they are there somewhere waiting to attack me.  I just know it!!  I don’t care what Mommy and Daddy say I know they after me so I must kill them or be killed.  

Thankfully I have escaped their captured thus far, let’s hope that trend continues I don’t want to be flying bug meat!


What was that?  Was that a bug?  I must investigate. 


Okay, we are clear – it was a false alarm.

Now where were we?

2.  Toasters

This thing Mommy and Daddy call a toaster sits waiting in the kitchen.  I hear Daddy get into the bread bag and I panic.  Oh no!  He is going to put that into that evil toaster, I just know it.  I must plan my escape before it explodes.  I can’t save Mommy and Daddy, but I can save myself.  

Have you heard this thing called the Toaster?  Is it Toast?  No Toast is a smart dog blogger, he wouldn’t have anything to do with this evil thing they are calling a Toaster.

It makes this loud POP and I swear it is going to fly and kill me one day.  You just watch. I try to run and hide for a reason.  This thing will get you all.  Mark my little paws.

3.  Staircases

I very much think whoever thought up these things called stairs was not all there.  Most are okay but then someone got drunk or took too much cat nip and made this one that goes up at weird angles and you can see the ground below as you climb it.  It is SCARY and annoying that anyone would think up such a thing as these stairs.

Scary Spiral Staircase

In our house we have these ones that lead up to the big bed time and they are just horrible and they are not my thing.  I will go up there once in a blue moon to surprise Mommy and Daddy, but you will not ever see me walk down them.  No way.  I don’t have a death sentence.  

Thankfully Mommy and Daddy help with this annoyance by carrying me up and down each day so I may rest in the big bed snuggled between them. I don’t know what I’d do if they wanted me to walk up and down those things.  YIKES.  Can you imagine? I don’t know how they do it!

Other four-legged things out there – What kind of things/humans annoy you?  I’d love to have Mommy tell me all about them and maybe you’ll see another set of things that annoy me in the future.