Beauty Monday: Getting Stylin’ with InStyler Hair Tools #RSVPInStyler #gotitfree #giveaway ends 12/14

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 324 - In Styler

Disclosure Statement

Thanks to VocalPoint & InStyler for these three InStyler hair tools for me to review for free!  The outgoing links are affiliate links and I will get a kick back if you order through them.

I love the way my hair feels when its just right in my eyes.  Where I can run my fingers through it and its soft and touchable with no knots or curls to get in my way.  I like it silky smooth and straight.  My hair quite often has other ideas though.  My natural hair is a very curly frizzy mess.  I must say though I can wear it curly now and it doesn’t run rampant like it once did.  

I have a set way to do my hair anymore so most of the time I can get it the way I prefer it without much hassle.  I can not blow dry it, but pull it back into a low ponytail when wet so it can dry that way.  After its dry I can then flat iron it straight layer by layer with ease.

I had seen these rotating irons with brushes in store before and was always intrigued by them and wondered if they would work well on my hair.  I wasn’t going to spend the money though in case it didn’t work well as my hair is pretty finicky as to what I use on it and in it quite often.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 324 - In Styler

Color me excited when I was approved to review these three styling tools from InStyler. Inside was the one I had been eyeing for quite a long time.  Which is the one I excitedly opened to try out on my hair several times before writing up this post.

The first InStyler Hair Tools I’ll talk about is the one that left me super excited to be included in the products to be reviewed.

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron


This is good for so many things: straightening, volume, shine, controlling frizz, and texture.  I, of course, used  it for straightening and volume mainly.  The frizz I must say while smooth tended to leave me with a bit of stray hairs popping up I think because of the brush inside.  You can’t tell in the pictures I took, but there was a bit of those that left me a little sad.

InStyler - Before Styling

Otherwise, I liked it.  I loved that I could curl my hair towards my face as I straightened.  I do that with my regular flat iron as well, but this has a bit more curl in then my regular use.  

InStyler - After Styling

InStyler - After Styling Side View

  • Is a 2-way heated rotating barrel that smoothes and polishes as it styles
  • Black tourmaline ceramic plates smoothes without crushing, flattening or damaging hair
  • The ionic bristles are supposed to separate the hair and emit negative ions to close the cuticle of the hair locking in moisture and creating healthy, shiny hair. (this is the area I had issues with)
  • You can wrap the hair around the barrel itself to create beachy waves and texture
  • Four heat settings to fits your hair needs up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit

As you can tell I did have some pretty great results and will use it in the future, but I don’t know that it’ll replace my regular flat iron.

The other two I received were the Tulip Auto Curler & the Ionic Styler Pro (which I am going to try soon and will share my results with it in another review later).  

The Tulip Auto Curler creates soft curls, beachy waves, or striking tight curls.  It also has 3 heat settings from 350 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate all hair types.

The Ionic Styler Pro can be used open as a flat iron or closed to use as a hot brush to smooth hair and create volume at the roots.

Are you interested in one or all three of these?  Lucky for you, you can save 30% off on up to two of them if you order through this link and use SAVE30 (valid through the 31st of January 2015).


Wait, what?  I also have a giveaway for you all?  I decided that the Tulip Auto Curler just didn’t fit with my hair type at all, so I’d be nice and host a giveaway for you all.  

InStyler Giveaway (1)InStyler Giveaway (3)

USA only, as I am the one shipping.  Winner will have 48 hours from the time I email them as the winner to confirm themselves as the winner, otherwise a new one will be picked. The email I will be using is the one you log in with on the gleam platform below.   Good luck!!!

Tulip Auto Curler