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Listerine UltraClean - Crowdtap Sample

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I don’t know about you, but I am very anal about my oral health.  I brush twice a day.  The evening is with my electric toothbrush and the manual in the morning after coffee.  I floss most evenings and do my mouthwash most evenings as well.  I like to present a cleaning white smile and fresh breath.  I didn’t use my mouthwash in the mornings as well, since what I was using I have to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking after using it.  During the day, that really isn’t possible.  

Listerine Ultra Clean

Now with the Listerine UltraClean Mouthwash, I can swish my germs away in the morning too.  I was thrilled when I realized that the Listerine UltraClean Mouthwash doesn’t have fluoride in it, so that 30 minute wait isn’t something I have to do with this.  Color me Happy!

Listerine UltraClean - Shot to Swish

Did you know that brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth?  Hard to believe isn’t it? Which is why using mouthwash is so important.  

With Listerine UltraClean mouthwash, it kills bacteria that brushing alone misses, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier mouth!  

I was a bit worried about a burning taste in my mouth while using it, but I was happily surprised that it didn’t have any burning at all.  Just cool freshness.  

Listerine UltraClean - Swish Swish

Have you tried the Listerine UltraClean yet?  If not, you totally should.  I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.  I know I was!

Thanks to Crowdtap for my great sample!

Listerine UltraClean - Crowdtap Sample