Top 5 Beauty Monday Posts

Top 5 Beauty Monday 2014

I love my Beauty Monday’s.  As you know, I love makeup, especially eye makeup.  I decided a month or two ago to rename Makeup Monday to Beauty Monday, but leave it with the same tag.  That way I could include more beauty related products in general, not just makeup.  

Since the year 2014 is winding down, I thought it would be fun to look back on my Top 5 Beauty Monday Posts.  Maybe you missed an older post and would like to look back at it. Or save it for later use.

I’m looking forward to the new for Beauty Monday’s and hopefully I’ll be a bit more consistent on doing it most weeks.  As always, if you want to leave me ideas for Beauty Mondays, just comment on this post and I’ll try to save them to do them in 2015.

Top 5 Beauty Monday 2014

Top 5 Beauty Monday for 2014

  1. My Makeup Routine – I shared my routine of my makeup.  The variety of things I choose from each time I go to put “my face” on.  What can I say I love variety?  I wouldn’t be against adding more into it either.  
  2. 3 Makeup Tips – I shared 3 makeup tips that I use quite often.  You may or may not have heard of any of these.  I thought though that it was worth sharing if you didn’t know some or just didn’t think of it.
  3. Urban Decay Vs. Rimmel – I shared my Pretty Little Beauty Swap items and I noted the similar qualities of Urban Decay eyeliner and the Rimmel ScandalEyes.
  4. Final Results with System Hinoki – I shared my final 3 months results with trying out the System Hinoki for thinning hair.  
  5. Getting Stylin’ with InStyler Hair Tools – I showcased my results testing out one of the InStyler Hair Tools while mentioning the other two I received.  Other reviews on it coming and sadly giveaway is now over.

There we have it my Top 5 Beauty Monday’s for the year 2014.  Don’t forget to leave me some suggestions for the new year for upcoming Beauty Monday segments!!