What is it You Do?…I run a blog

The question I get most often with those outside my social media realm (even those in sometimes don’t pay attention either).  What is it you do?

I run a blog.  You what?  I run a blog, I do reviews and sponsored posts for companies that pay me and/or give me the product for free.  Uhm, they say, how does that work?  

*blank stare*…


It’s especially fun to try to explain to an older lady that really has NO idea about computers.  Jason was brilliant at Christmas dinner when I was asked, Do you have a job now?  I stated, I run a blog.  A what?  Hard of hearing on top of it and me being so soft spoken even though I felt like I yelled it.  My sister-in-law tried to explain it and failed too. My brilliant husband finally goes…She kind of runs her own magazine online.  Ohh okay, that worked.  

And it’s not just the blog I run.  I feel like I get more sponsored things through my social media sites right now then my blog itself, but still it all ties together.  I do a million surveys each day that pay me, but get pretty annoy quick sometimes.  I now just close it out if it’s just getting to me too much.

So yes, I sit at home ALL day and sit at the computer.  Most of the time its a 7 days of the week gig, cause if I slack one day I am picking up the pieces for a long time after.  

Email Struggle

I am still not “bringing home the bacon”, but it’s getting so much better.  I can pay our monthly netflix with no issues and usually am able to transfer over to savings quite often. I feel like I am becoming something.  Where offers are coming in a bit more and I am getting picked for more things than I had been.  I feel like 2015 is going to be a pretty good paying wise.

I want to buy a new layout in the new year, as I not really happy with what I have and want it to scream more “me”.  After this blog is who I am and how I broadcast to you all.

So the question is, What is it you do?

I run a blog…