Top 5 All About Me Fridays of 2014

Top 5 All About Me Fridays 2014

One of my favorite segments that I have as a running thing on my blog is All About Me Friday’s.  Where you can get to know a bit more about me on a personal level.  I like finding fun prompts to go along with to tell you about.  This last year hasn’t been the greatest on doing them on a regular basis (are we sensing a theme here?), but am hoping that next year I’ll throw them in a bit more. 

For now the Top 5 All About Me Fridays for 2014….I have had several that I liked and who knows even if these are my Top 5.  You may just want to go check out the page yourself – All About Me Fridays.

Top 5 All About Me Friday of 2014

Top 5 All About Me Fridays 2014

  1. Top 10 Bucket List – Everyone should have a bucket list.  Start crossing things off as soon as you can and keep working on it and adding to it. There a million things I like to do, see, achieve in my life, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I should do a yearly one, maybe starting next year?  An offshoot of my resolutions maybe?  Year goals?
  2. Timeline of My Day – Just a simple walk-through of what my days are like. Warning, they are fairly boring for the most part. I still really want to do one of those 10 at 10 posts, if I ever remember to do so that is.
  3. Hoarding at its Finest – just a few of the things I like to hoard up.  Yes, games are included.  I’m a game addict.  What can I say?
  4. My Favorite Childhood Books – How my love of reading got started.  With the love of all things books and playing library with them.
  5. Places I Have Traveled – The places I have traveled, thus far, in my life with hopes of many more added to my list over my living years.

There we have it my Top 5 All About Me Friday.  Whether they are my real top 5 is to be seen.  I can’t wait to do more in the coming year though!