How to Set Up a Regular Gaming Night

How to Set Up a Regular Game Night

I love games.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a board, card, or video game.  I love playing games. Games are fun.  Games bring out laughter.  Games build memories.  Games bring you together.

I’ve wanted to set up a regular game night with others for I don’t know how long.  It’s something that has always brewed inside my head and never had the chance to explode.  

But, remember I am very quiet in person until you get to know me and I get comfortable with you.  So sometimes getting others to take the chance of coming over to one of my parties and getting to know me and allowing me to relax with them is VERY hard.  I don’t know how else to get to know people so I can showcase “me” other than inviting them once I decide I like them and want to get to know them more.  Do you?  As being someone who is very quiet; but loves being around other people anyway.  

As my sister said though, get a few drinks in me and I get giggly and talkative too.  So it depends on how you want to throw the dice on getting to know me.  I relax a bit more in my own home on getting to know others because if I get slightly uncomfortable I can get up and do something to relax myself again.  Easy.

So a game night.  Something I love to host and have people over to play some good old fashion games and conversation.  I never leave out food or drinks.  Never.  

Debbie and I talked that we wanted to do a more regular game night and try to get others involved.  After having three, yes THREE, game nights in December – it sparked our juices and made us want more.  Especially since each one of those game nights were very different from each other. 

I am not an expert on getting people involved.  I’ve tried so many times.  But, I want this game night and I want it badly.  

How to Set Up a Regular Game Night

How to Set Up a Regular Gaming Night

Set up a Group

I’m finding one of the best first steps is to set up a group where you can gather all those interested and talk about what you want exactly.  I set up a facebook group in hopes that I’d gain interest, even over time.  Here we can hash out the details and see who actually has an interest in playing along.  

Adult or Kid Friendly

I like to accommodate both kids and adults.  My idea was to set up two monthly, or maybe monthly switching back and forth.  One being kid friendly while the other is adults only. We might not have kids, but love kids and have no problem  playing games with them too. Of course, there are amazingly great fun adult only games too.  So decide what works best for you and your group.

Food, Drink

Decide what you’d like to do for food or drinks.  Do you want to do a full meal?  Do you want to do a potluck like dinner?  Or do you just want snacks and drinks?  The group gathering will help decide what will work again for your group.  We quite often do a potluck type of thing, so we aren’t providing all the food and spending mounds of money.  


Where are you going to be gathering?  Are you going to switch between houses or just stay central to one?  We normally host, only because thus far, it’s only been Debbie coming over and her family.  I have an idea of switching between houses, but again it’s really what fits you and your group of people.

Now that you have the basic details down and go forth and set up a regular game night.  I hope that Debbie and I can get ours off the ground and get more people interested.  I’d love a larger group of friends.