My 3 Beauty Woes for Beauty Monday #BeautyMonday

Beauty Monday

Looking in the mirror, we all have things we just aren’t happy with looking back at us.  We also have things that we just love, which is another post all in itself.  Today I am going to point out the 3 beauty woes I see looking back at me.

I’d love for you to leave comments on your own beauty woes and maybe I’ll spotlight those with things that could help them for future Beauty Monday postings.

Beauty Monday

My Personal 3 Beauty Woes (at this moment and time)


Why?  I’m 35 flippin’ years old and still get acne breakouts.  And it’s not just on the face. Neck, Back, Chest.  Red annoying dots.  I use acne products here and there and sometimes they do actually work, but more often than not they don’t.  Or they cause me to break out in an itchy rash.

Are you using anything that you love for adult acne?  What are they?  Or have you used something in the past that worked?  

Again give me things and I could try them and do a review on how it worked for me.  All thoughts welcomed.

Facial Hair

Probably my BIGGEST beauty woe.  No matter what I do, I get facial hair.  Quite a bit on my chin too.  My chin hair is probably the facial hair I hate the most. Its leaves me embarrassed and annoyed while also being self-conscious of it.

I have started an at home light thing, even though it doesn’t say anything about using it on the face.  It just says not to use around eyes.  So I am hoping that will cut it down some at least.  

Have you had any luck on getting rid of facial hair?  Again all ideas and thoughts welcome. Same applies that I’d be willing to try some to review and let you all know my results on using it.

Gray Hair

Something I have dealt with since my 20’s.  It’s a curse.  I dye my hair and not a couple of weeks later I see those stupid gray hairs peeking out of my scalp.  It just keeps getting worse, as gray hair does as you age.  

I do notice if I dye my hair at the salon, the grays stay hidden a bit longer than if I dye my hair myself at home.  Whether it’s just a strong better coverage or what.  Sometimes it’s worth it to me to go in and get my hair professionally done.  I just have been able to afford it lately.

Your Turn!

Tell me your beauty woes right now.  Leave me products idea for my current beauty woes.