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Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil

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I’ve been curious about essential oils for quite a while now.  The more I hear about them, the more people praise them, the more curious I am with how they work and what exactly they can do.  I wonder if they are truly the miracle people praise they are.

Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil

I was able to sample my first ever essential oil from Mia Mariu.  Sampling the Mia Mariu I Feel Good essential oil the last month, which is a mix of eucalyptus, lemon, bay laurel, peppermint, apricot and macadamia oil.  Meant to make you feel good when something is ailing you.    It supports the immune system for good health while also being good for general aches and pains of the body.

Mai Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil - Helps

Above you’ll see what 100% organic oils are included in the Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil along with the things it is good for.  You can see it has a range of uses to make you feel good.  The oil can be rubbed a bit on where it ails you or inhaled to get the therapeutic benefits.  

Jason and I tried out the oil on and off for the last few weeks and noticed a slight difference in sinus issues when we took a good sniff while feeling congested.  We also tried a bit on our general aches and pains but really didn’t notice much difference there at least thus far.

I feel like there is so much more to learn while using these oils, that because of that I am not sure fully on what to say about the product other than what I already have.  

In addition to the Mia Mariu I Feel Essential Oil, Mia Mariu also has the Mia Mariu Relax Essential Oil.  

Several of you I know have already been using essential oils for quite some time.  Do you have a favorite?  How would you use this Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil?

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Mia Mariu Essential Oil