Project 52 – Week 20 – Nature #Project52Photos

Project 52 - Nature

Welcome to Project 52. One theme, one photo, once a week. Simple. I hope this project will help you grow as a photographer. Amy, Sarah and I are going to co-host this link up each week. Each of us will pick a favorite from the previous link up to share each week.

I’m sorry I am so late getting this post up this week.  I actually didn’t even get my photo for this theme until today.  If you read my Catch the Moment 365 posting, you’ll know I have had my mind elsewhere.  The photo isn’t even what I was envisioning for the theme of nature, but it’ll do well enough.

I hate that I find I am saying “it’ll do well enough” so much.  Hopefully soon, that will change and I can feel more like me again soon.

Before I share my nature for this week, I want to share my  personal favorite from last week’s laughter theme that you all linked up with!  Not many of you linked up this last week.  That made me a bit sad, come on people link up with the weekly theme, it’s fun, you’ll enjoy it!

My favorite though was again from one of my fellow co-hosts Amy over at Marvelous Mommy with her fun shots!

ME_McDonalds_Square - Project 52 - Laughter - Favorite


Project 52 – Week 20 – Nature

 As I said, I didn’t get a real chance to get a good nature shot.  Now that I just typed though, I thought of another twist on the theme.  Oh well.  

Today I went out to water my plants and looked around outside, looking at something that pulled me in as Nature feel.  All I came up with was my pretty fuchsia’s.  I actually really like the way the shot itself turned out at least, just not as happy with the theme for it type of thing.

Project 52 - Nature

Now it’s your turn to link up those nature shots.  Show them proudly!  I can’t wait to see and pick my favorite!

Here are the themes for the next 52 Weeks. Feel free to join in at any time!


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This Weeks Theme: Family

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Come back next Friday and link up “Family” photo.

  • Debbie Gibson

    Beautiful flowers

    • Thanks my dear!! I love the color combo on these, I really hope they don’t die on me.

  • aprilaakre

    such pretty flowers

    • Thanks April – I love the way the angles worked on this one and everything even.

  • Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

    Thanks for featuring my silly photos! I’ve been saying “it’ll do” way too much also! I’m hoping to be better for our “light” theme!

    • You’re welcome Amy, it was a super fun set up to me 🙂 And yes I hope I can get better shots again.

  • kandi

    Those are beautiful! You just gave me an idea for adding to my landscaping!

    • Thanks Kandi! They are one of my favorites. I think last time I had one I killed it, but so far so good on this one lol